Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Listen Up!

Did I get your attention?
It's been a settling down time, but with some really great ups to it.
Yesterday I took my "Rose" and my "Ashley" into the Quilt shop to show my teacher.
She was very effusive with her praise and it was very sincere.
We talked about a lot of things, and then as I was getting ready to leave she asked me if I had to give the Black and White "Ashley" quilt away soon? Why? She asked me if I'd let her hang it in the shop for the month of March. They are having a March Madness Sale state wide in many quilt shops and the theme is Black and White. She showed me the place of honor it would have on her walls under a window. I nearly fell over.
Hey, I am having a "showing!"
(Lynn taking a bow!)
I looked at fabrics too and am thinking of a vintage piece possibly incorporating an old photo of my grandmother. It's gelling. I'm sketching it. Ideas.
And then today (do I still have your attention?) I signed up for a three week beginning
drawing class.
Three 2 hr classes on Tuesday evenings starting Dec. 4th.
Oh and I am top stitching a Christmas gift piece for a friend I made a while back before
I knew how to top stitch! LOL
Oh goodie, something needs sewing on!
Happy Thanksgiving dear friends!


  1. Hey Lynn, congrats for the show in the shop that is just fabulous. This quilt needs to be shown!:)
    And the drawing class is a nice project! Have a good day with all these good things in mind,

  2. Lynn, how fabulous that you are being "shown"!! And very worthy. How great that it's a black and white theme, it will all look so elegant. Get them to take a picture of you, dressed in B and W, in front of the quilt- and then post it here.
    hmm, I WILL start some project this've inspired me.

  3. oops, forgot my name! it's

    Oh dear.. how did you get home?? I bet you were in a daze.
    So what will you tell the happy couple? you deserve a showing tho.
    and now drawing classes.. good for you. wow. so much has come out of this past almost couple of months.
    Where did you find drawing lessons?

    CONGRATS!!! On it all.

  5. Cris, remember the photo I took of a place in town called "A stroke of Magic"? It's a little local art studio that offers classes in drawing and painting and collage, etc. for kids and for adults. I decided to sign up and did!

  6. how great is this...congratulations, you are going to be inundated with orders and attention. you deserve it too. as for the art course yahooooooo, here's hoping you don't get a 'weasel' like i had.

  7. Congratulations on the quilt show! All coming from you being brave enough to bring in the quilts you'd done and show them to your teacher. Very exciting.

    And cudos re: drawing class. Sounds like it should be fun and you'll meet others with similar interest in drawing. Happy Thanksgiving.

  8. That is wonderful to have your workmanship recognized by a fellow quilter in such a way. What a thrill and an honour! Drawing class? That will be so FUN!!!

  9. Thanks to you all for your supportive words and wonderful praise for the B & W, and its' "Showing"! (Bow, bow!)
    Lisa, I must start shopping for my B & W outfit, will you come and meet me to shop?


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