Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Kaeli's Pillow And Happy Thanksgiving

Today I wrapped Chanukah gifts for my 14 yr old grand daughter to get them in the mail for her.

This is the pillow I made her a while ago to go with a red/white/pink afghan I crocheted for her last year! I also wrapped the fish pillow cases to go with the fish quilt and a ton of books! Oh and a dreidel. I like to send eight small gifts, one for each night of this holiday!

A grandma having fun!

I also wanted to draw a Happy Thanksgiving Greeting to all who celebrate this delicious holiday and for those who do not.
Happy Thanksgiving anyway!

Forever Young had a list of five things she was grateful for on her blog site.
Here is my list: Feel free to add your own.

My list:
1. I am grateful for my good health and new found energy.
2. I am grateful for my wonderful, thoughtful, caring, loving husband of 29 yrs. (Who guided me to several craft and quilt shows to see on TV this morning that were actually GOOD!)
3. I am overjoyed with having grandchildren I can actually interact with because they live close!4. I am grateful to have a good, satisfying, career.
5. I am grateful to have made many new wonderfully creative friends here in blogland such as yourself!
6. and I am grateful that my creating is being stimulated here and is flowing over the top.


  1. You can do more things with a hand drawing. Thats pretty cool.
    How fun to give things you make to loved ones.She will love that pillow.
    Hmm. I am grateful for the blogger friends too for motivating & getting me back into my art again.
    I am greatful everyday of the year for life. Ain't life grand?
    Lynn, Your creativity boggles my mind. I hope some rubs off onto me. ;-)

  2. Lynn--this morning, I am grateful for you, for what you share with all of us, and for the comments you post (we seem to have lots of blog buddies in common, you and I) which often cause me to smile.


  3. You are an original talent, Lynn, and I am but a copier. In fact, I think I might copy your pillow idea for my own granddaughter this Christmas. Of course it will look nothing the same.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you,

  4. Happy Chanukha. Lovely gifts you are giving. Great hand with all the thankfulnesses within.


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