Friday, November 23, 2007

Holiday creativity for today

(So I am into cats today. Did this drawing tonight)...

Some people have nothing better to do the day after Thanksgiving that to spend hours at their sewing machine making cards for friends and relatives...I had fun making these. The top one is for my former daughter in law...for Christmas...I used stick glue and then top quilted the fabric pieces onto red felt, which are on a card
stock. And the red felt letters onto the fabric.

The cat is for my friend who dearly wants a cat but can't have one...If you see this ahead of time it's okay dear friend. But I wanted you to have a cat even if it's to be a fleece one. The left photo is what it looks like on the top inside of the card.

All done again with free motion sewing on card stock through the fleece on front and with a piece of fleece on the back too to support the inside greeting and fabric picture..


  1. How cute Lynn. Both of them are but I love the cat. It looks so cudly. She will love that. Bravo for doing some thing artistic today.

  2. The cards are wonderful and so creative, Lynn. You are way ahead of me on getting unique treasures prepared for your friends and family to receive at Christmastime.

  3. I wonder who that cat is patterned on.

  4. What unique cards, and so "you," the quilter. I too love the cat especially. And find the cat drawing fun too. Have fun with your cards.

  5. Lynn I just checked again and the top Drawing I didnt see before is adorable. That would be cute on a wall hanging or kids blanket.. You could design sheets or something with cute prints on them. Such imagination.

  6. Hi Lynn, all these cats are so cute! I especially love the one for your friend who can't have a real one. It is fun to see the back cause it looks great too!
    HAve a great Saturday,

  7. OH MY GOSH you never stop. These cards are WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!

  8. i think it's a great way to spend the day after thanksgiving,they're so cute.
    lynn, i was born in south africa, lived there for 38 years, emigrated to the uk (almost) 22 years ago.
    i've never lost my accent, and i love africa with a passion, specially the people and wild animals.but this is 'home' for me now.


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