Saturday, November 24, 2007

Out in the Country...garage sale day!

The owner at this barn sale wanted to know why all the pictures! Just am...for me...won't sell them...okay then...loved the Brownie doll but didn't buy her...DH loves the eucalyptus tree, cute ponies, he also loves the buffalo and goes to visit them frequently... did get the sequencing cards for the grandkids...and a wonderful book by Maya Angelou set in South Africa for children. Thought the potato head guy pretty funny! Llamas, ostrich, egrets...all friendly!
Hope you are enjoying your Saturday as well.


  1. What a rich tapestry of things you saw!

  2. What cool photos. A cool place to go garage saling. Love Egrets. One of my favorite birds. I have done two paintings with them in it. I just cant place where you would be. Has to be mid to north. Lovely area.
    I need to figure picasa out to do that too.
    I posted my cat and a flowering plant in my sunrrom this afternoon. Have to keep up the cat theme. lol
    Still havent drawn anything. I need to kick this lethargic thing I am going thru. I know you went thru it for a short time... But it is harder because I am letting go of painting tomorrow... and yes I can go visit it. I will move on. I go thru this every time. I guess it is just putting so much of self into something. Thanks for nice comments. Glad I triggered a nice memory too.

  3. Cris, I think I know just how you feel. I felt "almost" "sort of" depressed after I finished "Rose" quilt. Rememer I asked if post-quilting blues was the norm? I guess that could be post-creating in any media. Yes, I do believe we pour a lot of our selves into our work and when done feel drained.
    I just have to equate it to post partum blues as I did have those too first time around. So now you know. You are not alone. The good news is it does pass.

  4. Thanks Lynn. I hope it passes soon. They are coming tomorrow for it. Nice to know others go thru the same thing. No matter what they are doing. I not only pour ME into it I fought off those that wanted THEM in it. lol

    Thanks again Lynn

  5. i know you love your garage certainly doesn't look like a wintery day there.

  6. Lovely landscape. Do we think you live in California? These photos look sort of Montanaish to me with the buffalo and all. Love the old cars and the girl scout doll.

  7. Yes, we are in No. it's not really winter here yet, just a mild fall...yes, I love garage sales, even just looking and taking pictures is fun. It's less of an addiction as it was since putting more energy into "art". We think the buffalo are being raised to eat. Sorry.

  8. Love the potatoe-head guy, the doll with this bright orange scarf, the old bottles and the bisons. Everything:)


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