Friday, November 30, 2007

Maggie and Jiggs

This is an old photo of my grandparents, Abe and Ella, dressed for a costume party as Maggie and Jiggs from the comic strip of the same name. I was just on a blog where the artist, Switchsky, had a drawing that reminded me of this photo so I dug it out to post. Ella is the central figure of my next art piece that is still in my head but brewing. I love this photo!

(I wonder if I am remembering the comic name correctly?)

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  1. Oh, what a fantastic photo. No wonder you are such a hoot. You come by it honestly.

  2. Lynn, what a picture! I love this picture, your grandparents are hilarious and the photographer was good.I clicked on the photo and it opened in photoshop, so I could zoom in the faces, they are beautiful.
    I'm off to bed now, dreaming of persons like Abe and Ella, all dressed up for comedie,
    have a nice Friday evening:)

  3. This photo is adorable. What year was this? Is this your dads or moms parents?
    Yes I think it was Maggie and Jiggs. Sounds right.
    Can't wait to see the Quilt when you get it out of the head and onto paper and material. ;)

  4. They are my maternal grandparents. I do not know the year this photo was taken. Grandpa died at age 85 I think about 38-39 years ago. Grandma lived several years beyond him and died around the same age, 85.
    I would not be at all surprised if Ella made these costumes herself as she was quite a seamstress.

    Abe was very short, maybe 5' tall. He wore a size four shoe. He did not drive a car, so Ella did all the driving. He had a heart of gold and everyone in his community adored him. When I was a child he owned a clothing store that catered to farmers. Often when they came to visit he'd bring a big box of asperagus or a crate of cucumbers (for pickles) that he was "paid" with in lieu of money.

    Grandpa came from Russia at age 16. Grandma was born in California!
    So I am third generation Californian.

  5. this photo is precious and priceless and now i see where you get your nimble fingers from, grandma ella. even her name is musical.

  6. I think it is Maggie and Jiggs and this is such a great photo, you must really enjoy having pictures of your grandparents in such a fun pose.

  7. Wow. I just checked in to your recent posts (sunday). As others have said, this is a fabulous photo. How wonderful to have grandparents with a sense of fun and humor. I knew just which cartoon characters you meant. I think the name is right. I used to read that cartoon. A wonderful story and wonderful heirloom.

  8. I realise that this has been a couple of years ago that this started but the real name of the strip was Bringing up Father but Maggie and Jiggs will google just fine(that's how I found this blog). and yeah your grand parents were too cool . an old alaskan

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