Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Suzanne Nichelson Quilt

This is a quilt I bought in 1992 called Autumn Leaves. I bought it on a trip to Gloucester, Massachusetts at a place called BAYVIEW CLOTHING and the artist is Suzanne Nichelson.
Anyone know her?

I just took it down from one wall next to our front door and moved it after washing it for the first time! I put it on a wall that is seen when one comes in my front door. I have always liked it, but wasn't that 'aware of it', as I suddenly am now having become a quilter myself. It's lovely work with an embellishment of beads adding to it's beauty.


  1. That is a lovely quilt. I wonder if you can find out from the shop you got it at. Any phone numbers for the place? Of course that was ages ago and it could be gone.

    OK.. as per your request on my blog..lets not stop being creative everyday. You have put up picture's of your walks and garage saling. That's creative the way you show them off. I like the daily drawing for practice especially since I have invested in more colored pencils. ;)I feel I am getting better by doing something daily.. and you have your drawing lessons coming up. I am hoping you will be sharing what you learn. ;-)

  2. Cris, I will certainly share what I learn in my drawing classes...for better or for worse! LOL And, today I signed up for a collage, mixed media class at the same studio. I am excited about this new adventure I am on. There are 2 or 3 more in Dec. I could take too.

  3. Wow Lynn. Maybe having this quilt on your wall worked on you subconsciously or something. IE to later become a quilter yourself. Nice cheerful and energizing colors in this quilt.

    Man, you are really going for it with the classes, expanding your horizons and being open to new ideas and modes of working. Hurrah. Be well.

  4. I found her on the web:

    Cape Ann Artists, Gloucester, Arts North of Boston, MA, Rockport ...Suzanne Nichelson - Artist -represented by Local Colors Gallery, 142 Main St. Gloucester 978 283-3996.

    But it doesn't seem that she has a web site of her own.

  5. Looks like the Creative Switch has been turned on full blast in you. Way to go. I look forward to inspiring work. These last two months.. yes TWO MONTHS of doing this blogging art has gotten me fired too. I am creating in my head if not on canvas right now and thats where the creative ideas start. I have one more drawing to get done for this month tho. so later on I will do something.

  6. Lynn try getting in touch with the Gallery.. maybe she has one but its under a different name. Or they might have some info on her there.

  7. life is like that, you do something/buy something never realising what a big part of your life it will become.


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