Saturday, November 17, 2007

OY, I've been tagged!

Seven Random Things So I was tagged by Rick AND by Lady Bug for this project. I thought I already DID THIS from a much earlier tag...but I guess I need to be a good sport and DO IT again! I will try not to duplicate what I already said about myself. Here's how it works:1. link to the person who tagged you: (Hamguin's Hide-not) ; ( I hope I did this LINK correctly LB) 2. Post the rules. 3. List seven random things about yourself. (see below) 4. Tag seven random people> I hope I know that many who have not yet been tagged. 5. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog Okay here goes: 1. I garage sale shop so I can buy lots of things for very little money, and then I get my hair cut & colored (today) for $73. 2. I have a very nice smile, which won my husband over nearly 30 yrs ago! 3. I can have a lot of energy I seem to create when creating and then come crashing down when I make a mistake or suddenly start to doubt what I am doing. (today) 4. I do not own any diamonds. 5. I may never retire. 6. I love to take photographs and think I have a pretty good eye for it, or so I am told. 7. I have four grandchildren whom I love beyond reason...between the ages of 3 and 17. Okay: TAGGING TIME: Cris Andrea Elizabeth Sylvian Annie Suki Judy


  1. Arrgh.. We just did this. I will have to think on it. I dont know 7 other bloggers to pass this onto.

    I had to deal with the so called 'Friends' this morning about coming to see my painting today.. They kept calling & calling so I had to finally answer the phone... I said no & it wasn't pleasent & made me feel like garbage... so I have been out of it today. I will think on things tomorrow.
    They have managed to ruin my joy of my painting & I'm not sure they even understand that. hmm there could be a couple random things about me. I let people control my feelings. And even if I am mad at someone I can't handle letting them know.
    hope you find your high again on your quilting. You are awesome at it.

  2. oh yes.. You DO have a good eye for photography and picking out colors and patterns for quilting & drawing and why retire if you dont have to and dont want to?? ;)

  3. You don't have to feel obligated to respond to the tag if you don't feel like it (Cris, and anyone else I sent it on to). I didn't feel like it when I got it, and then after I got it a 2nd time I decided to do it. But it's certainly not obligatory! I deem we only do fun things here unless we choose otherwise on purpose!

    Cris,I am sorry you felt you needed to answer your "friends" call. I sure would not choose to put myself through their rudeness again!

    I was "out of it" today too. The other day I started top quilting my B & W piece and did something I did not like in black thread. It was quite a lot of it and it has taken me two days (many hours) to laborously take it out tiny stitch by tiny stitch. It did not come out easily at all. My arm and chest ache from doing this. And I felt totally bummed. Felt I had ruined it. I am now hoping when I stitch over these areas the previous holes will not show and I will like what I finally do. I am going to do it in white on white first and if I like it go over it with the black thread. OYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

    And Cris, thank you for your continued kudos for what I do! It does buoy me up!

  4. oh dear.. Ripping out is a major pain in the patooie.. been there, done that.. arrgh. so sorry you had to do that on this quilt. Wont it come out in the wash? or will you wash a wallhanging? a good steam pressing should help.

    Well as for the 'friends' it was answer the phone or let them drive over. As it was they had driven over yesterday while we were gone. Had to head them off at the pass.

    Your quilt will be beautiful.. it is easy to give you Kudos. You are good. Mistakes happen. we learn from them.

  5. Okay, I posted 7 facts about me. I think yours are quite interesting, Lynn. We have your number 6 in common.

  6. Sorry you got double tagged Lynn (but I did enjoy reading your post!)

    I also don't know a lot other bloggers yet to send this to!

    I'm glad I know you though! :)

  7. Hi Lynn, thanks for tagging me, in fact I'm glad you did cause I'd like to share a not so funny adventure with you all...

    There must be some nasty Pixies around us these times, cause we all seem to have to cope with weird situations . You'll see when I post my "TAG"...!

    I'm sorry for the black stitching you didn't like, I know what it is to undo stitches. I'm sure you'll find your creative way through this, this is how we learn. Good luck for today's creative work, hugs for the new day!

  8. Lady Bug, what a nice thing to hear! Thank YOU! Ditto!

    Andrea, sorry you had a bad thing day too. My bad stitches are finally all out so let the creativing continue...

  9. OK I am feeling not so bad about yesterday as it seems others were having that kind of day... I did my 7 random things on my blog. Plus the two here. so that is 9.
    Hope your creativity goes to town today!! lol

  10. Kefir is like a very thick yogurt smoothie, comes plain or flavored/sweetened.

    Body Mass Index is just one of many indexes (weight, body fat, etc) to determine whether one is in a "fitness zone".

  11. Oh, picking stitches. Whenever I have to do that, it's my excuse to turn on the telly. Pick, pick, pick, pick. It's rather meditative.

  12. Lynn--You are a good sport for playing along, given that Monique and I double-tagged you only a month after your first tagging!

    I know that you did it because you considered it possibly an entertaining exercise, even a second time, so I don't feel the least bit guilty about enjoying both of your lists! (grin)

    Thanks, Lynn.

  13. Lynn, those spiderwebs are spectacular... i felt i was in the garden gazing at them in the morning.

    AND how did you make that moving picture of your rose quilt??? is it with a regular camera???

    hope this works to leave this. What is tagging? is it good or bad? do just people with blogs do it?

  14. Lisa of Mishpacha, I am so happy you came in to see my blog. Todarabah! (Thank you.)
    I will email you and explain tagging. It's good!
    I will explain it all.
    Do come back again.

  15. oi vey, will remove you from my 'you've been tagged list' or you'll shoot me!

  16. Thanks Forever, I doubt there is that much more to know about me! :-)


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