Friday, December 28, 2007

Another Day in MN quilt stores & book stores & with family

Reporting in from here in snow country...yesterday was a book club meeting at Barnes and Nobles in the morning with my SIL...more coffee and scone...then on to antique shops, lunch (chili and corn bread); antique gun shop for DH (Civil War era); and yes, another quilt shop for me. And more Fat Squares. Evening spent with MIL at her "home"...She is so happy to have all her family around her at once. We watched a very funny movie together and she delighted in it and me in her laughter...try not to become depressed at the aging process around there, women in wheel chairs who cannot talk, head to one side, mouths draped open, yet smiling...Both DH and I separately pictured ourselves as residents there hopefully in far future, but nonetheless saw it as a possibility winding up in such a place. Scary...

Then home for more humor, watching Coupling on TV with nephew, laughing more before going to bed.


  1. Oh how gorgeous, what are those "warm fuzzies"??? So funny. And the fabric fat squares are great, yummy!!!!!!!! I'm glad you had your MIL laugh and I hope she is well in the retirement home. Laughing is good.

  2. Yes what ARE warm fuzzies. The book cover looks fun. I like your choices of fabric too. A book club, quit shops, bookstores, antique shopping. Wow HEAVEN in my mind. How fun. Something to remember for a long while. You're certainly refueling those creative juices.
    Nice to visit with your MIL alot too. Some people who think they have it bad should go visit a place like that & see how others have it. And your MIL smiles so beautifully.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Warm Fuzzies is what this artist calls the things she makes using recycled wool sweaters after felting the wool and turning it into other things: clothing, art forms like the pin cushion cupcakes on the book cover where the cuffs of the sweaters become the rippled cups on the cupcake papers.

  4. Sounds like y'all are having a wonderful time, bringing joy to MIL and also thought provoking re: one's own old age. I think one reason I decided to come here to stay awhile is I dont like to think of mom going to a nursing home although if at some point she can no longer walk then it's either that or hire a live in nurse.


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