Friday, December 28, 2007

MN Music Store and Amazing Quilt Store

DH trying out a guitar at Hobgoblin Music while
His Sister tries her hand at a harp...musical family they are. Above is stash I bought today at colorful textiles and quilt shop.

Then we found Susan Stein in her Colorful Textiles Quilt Shop...I had her autograph her book I had bought two days ago at B & N.
Her shop was quilters, textile artists heaven...I bought five more fat quarters for $2.50 and eight more for $1 on sale!!!!! Got the newest edition of Cloth, Paper, Scissors...bags of embellishments, a Laurel Burch large piece of fabric, and ogled lots and lots of art quilts, and other paraphernalia...I spent only $78 here, and could have bought a lot more but would have needed a truck to get it home.

More snowy longer feel cold even though it's 19 degrees F today and -8 degrees C. For a Calif. Gal I am doing admirably well.

These two photos are journal pages from a class Susan teachers. Her classes are $70 for 10 hours, which is practically free in my book.

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  1. Dear Lynn, thanks for sharing all these discoveries! I'm so curious about those shining fibers and what might the wooden device be made for? I love that your found this colourful Quilt shop and the author of the book you bought 2 days ago:)
    Have a great time
    minus 8 degrees!!!! But it looks as if it was sunny and snowy, so that makes up for the cold...

  2. Wow.. how did I miss these. You posted them early too. I am losing it. Grin. But what fun you are having and finding all these goodies.I will take a closer look after posting this. I LOVE guitar playing. I have one. but its acoustic not steel. I used to play it alot but haven't in years. Music ran in my family too.
    Wonderful about the autograph and meeting the Teacher. Did you know she had a quilt shop there?
    I can't wait to see what you create in 08..;)

  3. oh and Lynn, You really need to change your ABOUT ME profile. You aren't a beginner quilter anymore.. You need to just say...QUILTER. You are no longer a beginner. You have graduated up. ;)

  4. More delicious fabrics, books and creative stimulation. And musical too. What wooden device?? Via Andrea's blog I discovered Natasya's blog and she makes "journal" quilt squares, one a week I think. I never heard of them before. Why called "journal?" Boy you sure will have a changed view of yr familiar landscape when you return after all the white and cold.

  5. Andrea, the wooden device is a felter pin. For felting wool into flat surfaces for embellishment on cloth pieces.

    Cris, I read about the quilt shop in the book Susan Stein wrote. That is why we went there. And I am so glad i did. What treasures.

    Suki, see wooden device (felter) in photo of fabrics. Andrea has a good eye for detail. I guess the fabric journal pieces could include words too..perhaps they denote emotions. Not absolutely sure myself. Or just journaling designs? Perhaps? Someone will tell us both.

  6. Oh and Andrea, lest I forget, the shiny material is to be ironed between sheets of cooking parchment to flatten it out and it adds a wonderful sparkle effect. Am thinking of adding some to Ella quilt.

  7. How do you always manage to find these amazing quilt places? And people!

  8. Just lucky is all...actually found her book, liked it A LOT, then realized in reading her book that she was very near where I was staying and had this very cool store so DH and SIL agreed to take me there! See what I mean about being lucky?

    and Kiki you are responsible for A LOT of this too, for if it wasn't for you I probably would not be making all these awesome connections on the INTERNET/BLOGPHERE either! So while I have the opt here, thanks a LOT to you dear friend and cousin!


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