Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Another Day with Our Family in MN

These photos are backwards in our day, as the top two were taken tonight visiting DHs mom at her care home...again she and her daughter this time played the piano in the main lounge. She had picked out a new book of music at B & N this morning.

These adorable music pajama's I found at Cabellas. I could not leave them there, as the theme was perfect for my music loving 3 yr old grandson.

I had fun at Barnes and Nobles too using a gift card to get some new books...lots and lots of instruction for paint on fabric and lots of other techniques that I cannot wait to try out.

We also went to one quilt store in Rogers, MN where I "started" buying fat quarters to make a stash for my fabric art vest(s). I did lean towards the oriental look today.
And later I got this shot of Erika in her art gallery with "my art" made just for her.


  1. Well I came back to look once more at pix and found you added more.
    Great shots. Glad you got a pix of you & your MIL with your collage & her own private Lynn gallery. ;)
    Looks like you got some great finds also. I love the materials. But what are FAT QUARTERS? Never heard that before.
    Thanks for the great pix. So glad your all having such fun & are able to include MIL too.

  2. Sounds like you're having a great time in MN. Love the quilt you made for MIL. She's a cutie. And she and yr DH look so much alike (from earlier photos) Y'all are so kind to spend so much time with MIL.

  3. Cris, Fat Quarters are 1/4th or a quarter of a yard of fabric...the fabric art book I got recently (at home) for making art vests and other wearing apparel suggested quarter yards for collage designs on fabric vests. Thus my new market search for Fat Quarters.

    Yes, Suki and Cris, we are spending as much time with MIL as possible each day we are here. She tires some so we took her out in the a.m. returned her at noon and then went to visit her again in the evening. she's getting a lot of us and she is loving it. And so are we.

  4. Dear Lynn, I am sitting here in an office smiling at your pictures:),
    PS love your painting and wallhanging and the fabrics are awsome

  5. WOah! You've been busy while I was away... looks like you're having a ball! You have a face now too, lots of photos of your lovely, happy face peering out at us. The quilt show is great! Well Done You! :-)

    Good to catch up with everything here on blogland. Have a very Happy New Year, you and all your family, as well as a 'Happy-Bit-In-Between-Now-And-Then'.


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