Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Drawing Class First Night

Just home from art class. Drawing at big standing easel. How intimidating is that? VERY!
The teacher, Brenda, was good. Seemed to really know her stuff. I learned all sorts of new vocabulary particular to drawing...had to use charcoal, my hands were black and my nails may never be clean again...not sure what my clients are going to think.
I will stick with this, but I do feel very much the novice...not sure how talented or not the others are as I did not go around and look at others work. Again, I got tired and felt like I was dragging to get to the last hours end. Am tired now. It's not easy after working all day. Not sure why I thought it would be. But will see it through.

We were sent home with new sketch books and a piece of crayon whose name escapes me. It's burnt orange. I am to use this to sketch... not pencils or ink.

Mass...volume, negative space, relationships, dominant eye (I don't have one)...that's me always having to be different...substantial lines, continuous lines, squiggle lines...don't look at the paper at all while drawing, we did lots and lots of papers full of drawing with just the side of the charcoal, can't recall all the words or instructions...but she did seem to know a lot about drawing.
Homework is to sketch our pets while they are the perspective on the dining room table. OY!
New quilt piece has new lime green fun fur and yellow yarn trims. Another few rows of a bumpy yarn that is varigated in all the colors of the quilt. Its a dear for babies...or my grandkids room if my daughter will accept it. I see wild animal cages around the outer border...we'll see. It's still a work in progress, but could be done...time will tell.
I also imagined new flowers to add to the collage I brought home last night. The purple sage from outside for the dragon fly to lite on. Mind is going, going, going around and around with all sorts of art images. Life is good, rich, full of colors and lines and designs. Who knew?


  1. Sounds like you are going to be learning all sorts of things. It is good to know the basics even if you do like to paint outside the box. but dont lose the YOU that makes YOU UNIQUE.

    How many lessons in drawing are you taking? Also cant wait to see the quilt going on in your mind right now. YOU GO GIRL!! ;)

  2. Lynn you are an inspiration for trying new things and stretching oneself. Actually the tiring part, I do think making art can be tiring. As can learning new things. One uses different parts of the brain and self perhaps that don't get workouts that much in ones usual world. For example many folks think they can write a novel, and maybe they can, but you have to "agree" to being tired and to the long haul. Course it's a good kind of tired but to me it just shows that art is WORK. Not just play even though the first thing i read on Eliz blog was where she said she didn't like to call making art work. I myself do, as I would like folks to put it up there with mowing the lawn, being a teacher, etc and whatever ie: it is not just a 'hobby" but it is both play and work.

  3. Hi Lynn, sounds good and no wonder that your mind is going round and round:)
    You are very brave cause I know that it is sometimes difficult to go to art classes when you have worked all day. But these things you learn there, you'll never forget them, -lines, continuous lines, negative space etc.
    Its like riding bycicle, once you know how to do it, it is there:)
    Drawing quickly and without looking is the best to get around one's brain, which is always there to tell you what to do!
    I look forward to your new incredibly coloured quilt piece.
    Have a nice and quiet evening today, andrea

  4. I appreciate your feedback, feedback from those of you (all of you) who I see as true artists, Okay I am an artist too, just getting my feet wet, but on my way.
    I am enjoying this learning process.
    I understand how to take it in, consider the learning curve, it will take time, be patient, all the while absorbing new info for now and later use.

    Someone spoke about the mirror person we need to be able to do art in the first place. And I can honestly say all of you are being my mirrors! It is because of this feedback that I keep going forward and am so excited about what I am doing, learning, making, creating.

    Yesterday, a woman came into my office and saw my Rose Quilt. She knows and appreciates quilts. Her exclaimations were so real, honest and wonderful that I know I grew at least another inch taller in pride. It felt so good to be in her mirror!

  5. Your class sounds GREAT and Andrea is right, all those techniques, once learnt, never leave you... they sort of seep into your subconcious and settle there happily.

    Well done you for stretching, learning and growing and trying something new. I so wish I could do the class with you.... Evening classes can be tiring but they are such fun, and so interesting! (D go round and have a look at everyone else's work too, you'll surprise yourself.) Your drawings look great to me.

    Have fun with your new pencils and paper... is the 'burnt orange stick' Conte?
    Thank you for being my BM too :-)

  6. Lizzi, Conte sounds right. It looks like a charchol stick, but its burnt orange in color. Not as messy. ;-) I might wear gloves! tee hee.

    Thanks for all the support for my reaching out, stretching self, etc.

  7. Ah, good. Brenda is teaching you to draw on the right side of the brain. This should be fun!

  8. i am sooo envious, wish i was there with you, would love it.


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