Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Last Weekend Art Ride About

Last weekend coming home from babysitting our grand kids I wanted to find a quilt shop I had heard about in a neighboring town. We did find it, had to wait half an hour until it was to open on Sunday. In the meantime we rode around the area that is full of artists studios. I couldn't help capture some of the doorways to these studios as they were definitely art in and of themselves. The greenery on the wall in the bottom right photo is just that plants growing on a wall on the highway we whizzed past on the way home...they too were making an art display. I swear I see it everywhere!

Today I added some more garden photos to my collage...and to my little kids quilt some little animals to the squares around the border that look like cages to me, circus animals riding into town?


  1. Love these doors and walls. The blue is lovely and the plant growing and the very colorful one in the middle. You are inspired.!!!

  2. Cool photos. I like the Palm tree with the sienna color in the center. Yes I see Art everywhere in things too. The more you do the more you end up seeing. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. I can see the blog comments IF I go in and look for them but they arent coming to my email address anymore and so it makes it harder for me to see things & longer on the computer. boo hiss. ;)

  3. Lovely photos Lynn! I love the way you composed them! And they make me think that doors are important...
    Have a nice day, I'm looking forward to see the animals on the quilt:)

  4. Nice doors, nice photos. Happy day's travel!

  5. I love your quilt-like collage of art and doors and happy artful doors!


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