Thursday, December 6, 2007

Who Mirrors Our Art Making?

Elizabeth asked us who our mirrors were? Who supports and encourages our art work?

I told her on her blog and now I wonder what I'd be doing now if I hadn't discovered blogging (Thanks Kelly), or what I'd be creating in what media/form?

Oh how I have grown. I thank all of you who tune in here to my blog as you all have been a mirror for me to learn from, be encouraged by and supported by, all aiding in my growth and changes, challenges, and stretching myself in the world of art.

Thank you for this wonderful gift!

I am either gutsy or crazy to show these beginning quick homework for drawing class this week...assignment was to draw thinking allowed...just do it. Whew!


  1. Well I would love to comment on your drawings BUT I cant see them and they dont enlarge. They are so small. Looks like cats laying and standing to me from what I CAN see.

    As for blogging..I know I wouldn't have been doing all this drawing & getting back into my Art if I hadnt decided to go looking in blog land for Artists. I found Paris Breakfasts & watched for awhile & then started commenting & ended up buying one of her watercolors. She encouraged me to start a blog because of my photos.. Lizzi found me on PB's blog & commented on something I posted & the rest is history. I am sooooo enjoying stretching myself artistically and enjoying YOU finding yourself drawing and into all these other medias and growing. It's been very inspiring watching you diving in & going for it & also fun watching all that talent bubbling over. Everyone here in blog land has their own unique strenghts that when put together make one heck of a Mirror.

  2. Probably it's conte crayon that you used to draw with. I like the cats. Esp. the top one with his nose under his paw such as my cat does all the time. The others have great expressions on their faces, they make me chuckle.

    Yes, great to have computers and the web and blogs and am glad I finally let my parents FORCE me to have a computer as I resisted for many years. Chuckle. True. They were computer literate before me.

    Keep on drawin' Suki

  3. Lynn this is MUCH better. I can see. lol. I think they are wonderful actually. You were to do it quick & you did it. The cats look like cats and the person looks like a person. Its hard to do things quick like that. Keep those handy and when the course is done you will see how much you have improved. The more you do the better you will get. How long is this class? thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for the encouragement for this quick drawing...the class is three evenings, three weeks in a row from 6:30-8:30. Two to go.

    Now the Drawing book I bought recently makes more sense too.
    Everything the teacher is saying is in that book!
    Nice compliment to the class (I picked out on my own before even signing up for this class).

    My husband had to convince me to buy a computer quite a few years ago now, but really I wondered what would I use it for? Silly me!

    Who knew? LOL

    The guy in the drawing is him!

  5. Funny thing about the computer is I didnt want one either. What for? I thought... But a girlfriend moved away and said I NEEDED ONE. then my Dad got one and I saw that maybe I COULD figure one out, but other then writing to her what would I need one for? I laugh now because what DON'T I use it for and especially since moving to timbuck two. lol

  6. gutsy and good and trendy and sooo 'living your life to the full' you go girl!

  7. These are great. You captured the fluidity of cats, somehow. Sounds like a great class. Wish we had some drawing classes available around here...

    This blogging thing has been wonderful for me, too--being able to meet such wonderful people, forming friendships--it's made a world of difference for me.


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