Friday, December 7, 2007

Bugs, Butterfies and Wild Animals quilt sewing done...fraying to follow!

Edges Are Frayed: 1, 2, 3, & 4th photos...

I'll post again after I wash this and get the fraying to happen! ( I did this already, see above).
But the sewing is done! The added on animals on white back ground around the border were a gift from SonIL's mom. She'd hope I'd make something for our mutual grand kids with them. I haven't used them they may enter other creations as well. The main middle squares are trimmed in lime green fun fur and yellow yarn. The lady bug inner border is trimmed in a nubby variegated yarn and the yellow again. Some of the fabrics are remnants from my other quilts, some from garage sale finds. All nice cottons. I decided not to put the animals behind bars, but to let them roam wild!
Top four photos done after washing finished quilt so edges in middle squares frayed.
Second set of four photos pre-washing, unfrayed edges.
Last photo of the back of the quilt.
This would make a very nice wall hanging, A doll quilt, or a rug for a baby to lay on to see and feel all the textures, and colors.


  1. Another cool quilt. A melange of colors and shapes and pictures. You're a wonder. Best, Suki

  2. And thanks for commenting on my blog. I can't recall right now if you asked me any questions but hopefully I'll pick up on it soon if you did. Kinda tired tonight.

  3. This is darling. You are on a roll with these quilts or wall hangings. Very imaginative.

  4. This quilt is stunning! I love the colors. I can't wait to see it after the fraying! Beautiful work. Thanks for the really nice comment on my blog. It was really helpful and made my day. Love, Wyanne

  5. I love this technique and once I get my basement room up and runnning again, I have an idea for a frayed quilt. I'll post the results.

  6. BEAUTIFUL quilt! You are a real quilt lady!!! Love the colours, like a rainbow in love:)

  7. okay, i have to ask, do you make quilts to order, i would adore having one made by you.

  8. We can talk about this FY. Connect with me through email. I left the address on your blog. Thank you for even suggesting an interest.

  9. Lynn, this is Cathie. I made the sun that is on Andrea's blog. Please visit my blog to see what she sent me -- it's absolutely amazing. Anyway - you have made some lovely things here. I am particularly enticed by this little frayed quilt. I was thinking of doing a rag quilt next, but I like this much better as it has much more visual interest. It really is cool. What a lucky kid that gets to cuddle in this!!


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