Friday, December 7, 2007

Chanukah, Festival of Lights & Shabbat Candles

Happy Chanukah to those who celebrate this holiday.
My dh and I just lite the candles on this forth night of Chanukah and said the blessing together.
I am always impressed that he, the non-Jew, bothered to learn the Hebrew prayer and remembers it year to year.
The menorah (the candle holder in front) was my mothers, and the candle stick holders in back with the fatter white Shabbat (Sabbath) candles were my grandmothers.
Later this month when the family can all get together we will have latkes (potato pancakes) with apple sauce, and give gifts to the grandchildren.


  1. Happy Chanuka to you and your family.

  2. How nice to have something from each generation to celebrate with. What is the significance of Latkes & apple sauce? Have a wonderful day.

  3. Thanks!
    We eat Latkes because they are cooked in oil, oil sybolizes the miracle of the cruse of oil that lasted eight days instead of one.
    Apple sauce? Probably because it tastes good with latkes! ;-)

  4. Lynn happy Chanukah!
    I love the menorah and the coloured candles. Have a great day,
    Haven't had much time today to blog, will be back soon,

  5. One day I am going to learn to make latkes. Thank you for sharing this beautiful tradition with us. Happy Chanukah!

  6. memories, memories, memories, we used to celebrate chanukah when the kids were young (altho my hubby isn't jewish either). we don't do any of it anymore, maybe one day when/if |i ever have grandchildren!
    happy chanukah to you and yours lynn.

  7. Thank you all for your thoughtful good wishes. May I return the same to you for your soon to be Christmas celebrations.


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