Saturday, December 8, 2007

Sweet Day in San Francisco

Second Collage (Top) : Lunch at our fav Russian bakery; two kids playing in a boat on the beach on this incredibly sunny clear day; me photographing the Golden Gate Bridge from the car; Walking toward the bridge; followed by a bird close up; a fisherman's catch including lots of crabs and a star fish; Ad for a Water color exhibit that ended recently; the bridge on the way home with us on it; and flowers in Tiburon, again on our way home. Lots of walking around the city, the marina, the neighboring towns...on a beautiful sunny clear day, but first time my hands have been cold this winter!

First Collage: (Bottom) where people live in SF...our fav haunt, the pier where all the tall ships are, stopped in at the model ship building shop and saw drawings of a ship in progress; lines on the dock, DH helped haul the lines to lift a sail on the Balcutha; more lines, birds and me! ;-)

We had a full, fun day in San Francisco today. I took 250 photos, and will blog some of them.

In the meantime,

I share my cookie with you!

Sweet Saturday!


  1. Hey what a fun day you had. Some great shots too. & some teasers You look very young in that shot. Makes me think of the quick trip to San Francisco 4 years ago I made with my Dad... I wanted to get onto the beach and see as much as I could but there was a big air show going on and we couldnt get close to anything. We couldn't even get a place to stay in San Francisco because of the air show. I was bummed. I will be interested in those photos. Yumm The cookie looked good to. What a lovely outing you both had.

  2. Oh and what a fabulous shot of that seagull flying in it. Good Camera.

  3. Cris, these are the photos! LOL
    I'm not going to blog all 200!
    I bet you were in SF when the Blue Angels were flying. It's always impossible. DH goes early in the morning to park and find a place to stand and watch at one P.M.
    Yes, It was a grand day!

  4. ah but you said...."I took 250 photos, and will blog some of them." Is that all there is? lol
    Yes it was the Blue Angles. Bad timing for us. Interesting thing was our next door neighbor had gone on a cruise but got stormed out and they rerouted her ship to SF and she had a bulls eye view of that show on her ship. We marvled over that when she got home.

  5. Thanks for the photos of SF, as I've said before a place close to my heart as I lived there in 1967. It's where I met my huband now ex too.

  6. Lynn, did you find my heart there in the city? I know I left it there. I enjoyed seeing all the sights here and having a little moment of memories of my own visits there.

    And I took a bite of your cookie. Thanks.

  7. Oh thank you for sharing your cookie with us! mmmmmmm cooooookie. ;)

    I love taking photos out of the car window too! (and truth be told I've been known to snap a few even while driving! ....mind you I just hold the camera out...I don't look through the view finder! LOL

    and if you really want to have some cold fingers, come visit us today....this morning it is about 9 degrees outside! :) We're hoping for some more snow tonight! Come over and we'll go sledding!

  8. Hi Lynn, thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures! They bring back nice memories of the days I spent in this beautiful town. Great pictures,

  9. It's nice that so many of you could recall your own memories of SF through my photos. Glad I made this happen.

    My creativity is being stifled today due to my sewing machine acting up in the tension area again! Drats. Got photos on cloth for a next project, but can't get the quilting pieces around them! Frustration.

  10. Thank you for sharing your trip with us...and your cookie!

  11. I am having a hard time getting your comment box up lately. It makes me wait till everything is open here I guess. Anyway I hope you got your machine working. Nothing like something malfunctioning to ruin creativity.

  12. one of my 'still to do' list is to see san fran one day (not before i'm 60 as i'm running out of time now). it always looks so pretty.

  13. What nice shots of my neighborhood. I have lived in San Francisco four years and still see it with the eyes of a tourist. There is always so much to see and photograph, often a new angle on the Golden Gate Bridge that I haven't seen before.


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