Wednesday, December 19, 2007

End of First Drawing Class

Three weeks of drawing in a class...done after working all day...excuses, excuses...tired,'s what I could do...
I'm proud of: The bowl in the top photo as that was the hardest thing to draw...getting that interior and exterior perspective right...teacher praised the middle left shading on the candle stick...and oh that banana was oh so delicious on my empty stomach!


  1. Wonderful work for only three weeks of classes. Like I have said before you learn fast. or you have all this talent inside of you just wanting to burst forth. ;)

    I love the banana best. I think your hunger played a big part in that one. grin.It's fantastic.. I can almost taste it.

  2. very very good, i remember how you said you couldn't draw and now look at you, soon you'll have to chnage your name to lynn-feet well soaked

  3. Thanks for sharing your drawings. I love the banana too, the peel draping over. And the candlestick seems very sophisticated. How wonderful for you to have these class taking resources and the excitement to continue exploring your creative self.

  4. These are REALLY good, well done Lynn! Knew you could do it! :-)


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