Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ella's Finally Done

This of course is the back before
I put on the label with family history
for Amy.

I just realized that the two men in this photo are the grandfathers of the two babies in the photo next to them!(My father (left of Ella) and my daughter on far right, and my uncle, Amy's grandfather on the right of Ella. Amy on the left of Ella.

The buttons were important to me, from my personal history of pouring over grandma's button box as a child, and as a symbol for her wonderful sewing of fine dresses.

The little gold pin on the right border
is a nurses cap and Hadassah pin of my grandmothers. I also added two pieces of her jewelry on top left corner and over the second photo on the left from top.

Dah Dah Da Dah! Announcing the completion of Ella...Grand Mother, Great Grandmother, Gardener and Seamstress Extraordinaire, Devoted Wife and Mother, Pillar in her Community, Loved by All...



  2. There is is.. WOW. it is awesome. Wish I could see it in person. How can you part with it. She will love it. Does she live in town or away from you. Meaning.. can you visit it? lol
    You need to take a really good photo of it and print it out for you. the buttons do add that final touch. Good job. WOW
    I want to know what she says. Hope you can be there to see her face when she sees it for the first time.

  3. wow wow wow wow wow, fantastico
    each one gets better and better.
    i feel emotional looking at it actually.

    i've given you the True Blue Blogging Award (see my latest post)

    big warm hugs

  4. Congratulations. Amazing quilt. The vine for the flowers almost looks like a family tree dilineation. (SP). A family vine. love the jewels. Someone was a nurse? Mom was a nurse. Anyway you have worked lots on this and I think Amy will be overwhelmed when she sees it. I imagine it will open folks who see it up to tlak about family history thru the ages. I can just hear Amy's son/daughter saying and who is that one Mom?

  5. Thanks again all.

    Suki, the nurses cap is representing Hadassah Hospital in Israel. The Jewish organization called Hadassah does work to support this hospital. My grandmother and my mother were very active in this organization for many years. I was too for a few years years ago. If you are curious and want to know more about I am sure you can google it.

  6. Here's a bit from their mission statement:"......Hadassah is a volunteer women's organization, whose members are motivated and inspired to strengthen their partnership with Israel, ensure Jewish continuity, and realize their potential as a dynamic force in American society."

  7. Well, Lynn, the finished product is beautiful, amazing and the story takes my breath away. Wonderful!

  8. A masterpiece!

    And I ask my self." do we really die? Is death a reality?"
    When artists give us immortality, this physical death can be regarded just as passing through a door...

    Ella is living...

    And those buttons... you created a perfect image... buttons have got a magic.. they are like jewels when we are children and see them among our mothers' or grand mothers' things..
    I rememeber that each new button I earned , it was as if I had managed to find a treasure in an distant island...
    You added that magic to the work...
    I love it so much thank you for making the world more beautiful, dear artist.

  9. This is so wonderful, congrads on finishing it.

  10. WOW!!! Done already! Amazing piece of work, lovely. Well done you :-)


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