Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I got an award, I got an award!!!

Thank You, Forever Young for sending me this prestigious award: The True Blue Award for being a "true blue blogging friend"...

It is now my turn to bestow this award on five others who have been true to me, stood by me, praised me, helped me see where I am going, encouraged me, inspired me and then some. But wait there are more than just five so my list will be longer as you are all deserving!

Consider your selves awarded, My TRUE BLUE BLOGGING BUDDIES:

1. Kelly
2. Lizzi
3. Andrea
4. Cris
5. Suki
6. Human Being
7. Sylvain
8. Lady Bug
9. Mark
10. Elspeth
11. Annie
12. Judy Wise
13. bad faery
14. Karen (art in garage)
15. and Back to Forever Young


  1. OMG..Somebody gave me an award. How cool is that. Thank you Lynn.
    I want to thank my managers and my.. oh.. this isnt an Oscar.. lol
    but it means much more then that would. Thanks for including me Lynn. Consider it passed back to you too.
    Hug's Cris

  2. Dearest Lynn . This is more than an award! Seeing my name among these dear ones who have been your friends for a quite longer time than me, I feel much honored and proud.
    Thank you very much .. I hope I will deserve it...
    I think the most precious thing in the world is friendship... when someone accepts us as his/her friend, our world will be a sunny land forever despite all the gloomy moments we may experience ... Thank you so much for shining in my world, dearest Lynn.
    I was here yesterday and I wanted to leave a message for you as I was impressed by what you wrote there for me about your Iranian friend and also what I had read here, but I could not open the commenting window... This happens sometimes here because of the filtering business!
    So be sure I come here everyday to visit my dear friend who is really true blue.
    Now it's 8:03 a.m. Thurs., and when I got up at 6, was delighted so much to see we have snow, thanks to dear Suki's wish for me in her poem...
    Friends are magicians....:D

  3. You are so welcome Cris and Human Being. Yes, some friends have been around longer than others, but as I see it you have all given to me ten fold and then some. You are quite deserving of this award.
    I feel honored to make your acquaintances...and to be able to pop into your worlds and learn from what you are doing and saying.
    This blogging friend land has opened a whole new universe to me and I am enjoying it and relishing it. Life is good.

  4. How wonderful! Thank you for this lovely gift! :) I've never had a blog award...I have to admit I don't know what to do from here ;)

    I'm so impressed sitting here watching your slide show go by...look at all the work you've done! You are an inspiration!


  5. My dear Lynn, even if I don't post that much right now on my blog, I always take a few minutes to read comments in my inbox and to go and look what my dear blog-friends are up to. thank you so much for the True Blue Award, I enjoy to be your friend and I'm glad you are here. I'd like to pass you the award back too - thanks for always being present in my life with your sparkling energy and creativity and wit.
    Hugs and Love

  6. Congrats on your award, Lyn - and thanks for making me one of your True Blue Blogging Buddies. I appreciate you as well - and the thoughtful comments you leave.

  7. Thank you Lynn for including me in the True Blue award. And you too are my true blue blogging friend along with so many others. It is wonderful how we share our art, thoughts and live with each other. I feel enriched to know you and all my other blogging friends. Thank you. Suki

  8. Lynn, thank you for the "true blue" award. I'm so honored now. It feels like a Christmas gift today.

  9. Well I feel that you have all been and continue to be a huge gift to me and you all brighten my life every day! Thanks again and again and again!

  10. hee hee.I feel happy. Thank you!! xoxo

  11. BLUE

    Sometimes I'm blue...
    See no path to go through...
    But a light shines out of the blue...
    Showing me a new world to view: And I notice the sky's blue
    and my friends, true blue...
    Ha ha ha! What a poem! It's more of a nursery rhyme! :D

  12. Judy, happy I made you happy...
    Human Being, your poem is fun you are!

  13. WOW! I got this award twice.. I am truly and deeply honoured, thank you!

    I shall respond to your kindness on my blog, just as soon as things settle down after Christmas.

    Happy Holidays, Love Lizzi

  14. Thank you, Lynn! You are just about the most loyal blogging friend (and plain friend friend) ever. I can see why you got this award.

  15. all these comments are just bursting with love and gratitude, makes me so pleased i started it, and also to get it back again, nifty.


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