Thursday, December 20, 2007

One Woman Quilt Show by Lynn

I decided to have a one woman show of mostly my quilts (all but one) in my home for my family to see, they are coming on Saturday!
The top photo on the table was the first quilt I made in the beginners quilting class in July 2007.

The mostly green quilt was done in tandem with another rail quilt that hangs in my office now. That one was mostly burgundy.
Of course you all recognize Ella who is now in the stairway before her send off to Amy in Colorado next month.

The orange and red one is not made by me, but one I bought many years ago now.
And of course the Black and White "Ashley" quilt, which is going to hang in the quilt shop in March 2008.

Finally the little kids quilt with frayed edges, Bug, Butterflies and wild animals, I did after Rose and before Ella.
And finally there hangs Rose over the railing in all her glory. (She usually rests on my bed!)
I hope you enjoyed the show. I've made a total of nine quilt pieces if you count the 2 nursery school mats that are now with the kids. Oh and a small wall hanging for a friend. Ten in six months, not bad, hey? Eleven if you throw in the appliqued bird houses I made my MIL. It's also quilted. OH dear I forgot the Fish quilt for my older grand daughter's 14th birthday, that was a nine patch pizazz! For a grand total of....12, an even dozen!
I can't wait to see what I do next! LOL


  1. I know what your going to do next. Collapse.. dang, you are a working creating machine. Grin

    Wow lookie at all those wonderful quilts. When you do something you do it all the way don't you?
    Rose is still my favorite but Ella is a close second.

    Is the B&W quilt going to whom you were making it for after the show or will you do something else?

    Got your comment on my blog. as for the cat.. Did I tell you I moved? hee hee..

  2. PS.. what is that instrument on the wall?

  3. Cris you are my faithful here...I can just about count on your being here right after I post something. I love it.

    The instrument is an old mandolin without strings. My DH has numerous old musical instruments around the house.

    As it turned out I decided to ask my young cousin if she'd like the quilt or something from her registery best for a gift, and she opted for the registry gift. So she got bowls and I still have the quilt! I asked her sister the same question and she opted for the Ella piece although I do not believe she has seen it yet. But she assured me she'd love what ever I made her.

  4. Dear Lynn, 2 lovely quilts per months, you are an advanced quilter now! Each piece is lovely, my favourite is the black and white one and the rose quilt, but the others are great too.
    Your conversation with Chris makes me laugh out loud, you two are quite a comic team:)
    PS have a wonderful day

  5. these are magnificent and adorn your house so beautifully. 12 in 6 months, i know what's next, one for fy! ha ha..........

  6. Wow what a wonderful display of all your work and talent. You may get a lot of orders for quilts!!! HOw lovely to display them for your family to see and inviting them to heap praise in person (rather than via blog) on you for all the work/fun you have had. I hope your holiday is full of peace and joy and laughter. Love, Suki

  7. Thank you so much for letting me see, through your eyes, one aspect of the multi-dimensional truth of this world. You saved me from simplemindedness.

  8. Faithful like a dog is me. Grin

    Well phooey about her not wanting something you made.. looks like you will just have to settle for hanging it for a month in a well viewed spot. hee hee.. worked out best me thinks... her loss everyone elses gain. ;-)

  9. Hi Lynn, I have a moment here at part time job so I come back to say I forgot to include Ella Quilt in the list of the favourites, it even takes the first place:) I looked again at the detail photos, with the jewelry and the free stitching on pieces of fabric you sewed on the border, in gold which is so well done. Have a good day,

  10. Wow, are these gorgeous, Lynn!

    By the way, TAG! You will note on my blog that you are eligible to be tagged, as I changed the rules ever so slightly.

    Go for it!

  11. I still can't believe how many quilts you have created in such a short time span. They are all so beautiful.


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