Saturday, December 15, 2007

Garage Sale Saturday Finds!

My mantra as I went out the door this morning was: "The kids have enough toys, do not buy anything for the kids today, they have enough, they have enough, they have enough...just buy art supplies, things for collage making, painting, etc.
So I found: art supplies at the thrift store: three nearly full containers of acrylic paints! A gold bow for collage use, and some nice lace too, and a brand new roll of unused tulle.
Total spent: $2.75!
Then I found earrings at the same thrift store! The top ones in silver I liked so much I wore them home. They are very light weight and I think delicate and pretty. $3. I think they come from India.
The bottom ones looked African to me and will be used on a collage! Does anyone besides me see masks here?
Oh, you say you notice a few toys? Well the little cement mixer was a mere 25 cents so it will go with my other little cars in front of our fireplace for little grandson to find and play with. The Christmas ball will go to an "older" friend...who still has her inner child alive and well in her heart.
We had a fun day...visited the four healthy looking buffalo out in their field, saw a blue heron and a white egret standing together chatting about the beautiful weather we are having, saw a large brown hawk flying overhead with a huge wing span and beautiful black and white and brown tail feathers, and a bit later a much smaller baby hawk, with the same coloring. Unfortunately I left my camera at home today. Silly me.
While we were in the thrift store I nearly tripped over my collage teacher sitting on the floor looking at the free books. She was collecting children's books for her nephew. (age 3, like my grand kids). She had a basket full of books including two on the use of acrylic paints. Hopefully she'll share what she learns from them in our classes this coming year. She told me she had made me a piece of art including a Star of David as she wanted to bring me a blessing. How sweet of her to think of me this way.
DH found a CD by a fiddle playing group he knew of Christmas songs. And something about planes for his students.
I came home to work on my Ella quilt wall hanging.

Want to know what was better than buying all these fun trinkets today?
Last night! DH and I went to a party of his work colleagues. We sat together on this very lush, soft leather couch which sort of smushed us together. I loved the feel of him leaning up against me and me leaning up against him almost as if we were one huge soft pillow on that very soft couch. It felt warm and lovey and reminded me of how much I adore my DH.


  1. Looks like a good mornings outing. Even down to running into your college teacher. You made an impression on her it seems.
    I like the earrings. How cool.

  2. thank god for your DH, and the fact that you cherish him so much, i think i sometimes take my hubbly bubbly for granted, although i hate seeing him so sick (maternal).

  3. You are the best at thrift shopping. In fact, I think I need to come to Calif. and c heck out some of those thrift shops myself. I'd be worth the plane fair/motel/restaurant fees wouldn't it? I mean, I'd be SAVING money.

  4. Nice that you still adore your DH after all these years and ups and downs and ins and outs. Blessings to you both.

  5. thanks for your comment on my blog about my comment, which I forget exactly what i said but guess I could look it up. I appreciate your speaking up about my generalized comment and elaborating on the larger picture.

    I think I was referring to the energy of yr blog being so up. Blogs are interesting in that they give only a fragment of insight into the person. Meanwhile in real life and life stories there are so many other facets to a person.

    I have a friend who reads my blog and she thinks I'm always doing stuff, art work etc because I write about that teeny part of my life on the blog. To me, I feel like my life is in stasis now, that i am doing nothing visible much, and mostly reading and lying around. Interesting.

    Also, as a writer I know people think you are the ficitonal people you write about. In my novel I have a character who drops out of high school and I can't tell you the number of people who from reading the book think I dropped out of high school.

    This may be off the topic but I guess in my whacky head I think there is a thread which might be that all of us have many facets that can not be depicted in a blog dialogue. But maybe you were talking about my INTERPRETATION of what I hear when reading your blog.

    Anyway thanks Lynn. Be well and enjoy that good weather as here we are having yet more snow. And it is 12 degrees.

  6. wow! your description of the day and all the things you bought was so vivid , i had a feeling i was there with you enjoying my time leisurely...

    and that warm atmosphere you created with expressing your respect and love for your husband... that was so gorgeous.

    thank you for sharing such good feelings with us...reading such words are the best remedy for the dizzy feeling this ratrace life gives us...

  7. (often I take my DH for granted I am pleased with myself when I am smart enough, alert/aware enough, to remind myself what a truly wonderful man he is, and how good he is to me.)

  8. Suki, I think my blog pretty much depicts the major high-lights of my life right now. I AM doing some form of art every day now. It's amazing to ME...but this blog world has coinsided, crashed as it is like a giant meteorite together with my quilting and sent me reeling into taking the art classes and exploring the world of collage and textile art. I do also have a day job, which I do not write about...but it is secondary now to this new life I do write about! Wow!!!!!!!!!!


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