Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Remembering Ella and some extra Pizazz

Last night I sewed the binding around "Ella". I am so pleased with the reaction she is getting from others. The fact that she is making you think about your own family, ancestors, those who have passed on, tells me that she is a very powerful piece of art. I am pleased to know that she has had this affect on you. She certainly has been an impact on me (while making this piece) and on my life. Making this piece has reminded me of how much she meant to so many people. My cousins have shared their own stories, childhood memories, with her. I am sure I owe it to her for my "artistic abilities", both in the garden and in other media (sewing, creating). Interestingly enough I remember Ella as a quiet grandma. A quiet woman. Grandpa got all the attention it seemed. He was the gregarious one who everyone loved. I saw Ella as more in the background. But now she shines in my eyes. She may have been quiet, but a quiet force is sometimes the most powerful one. I'm glad I am getting to show her off now to others, and that her grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great-great grandchildren of which there are many now, will remember her, get to know her, and honor her, as she deserves to be remembered and honored. Last night I also started adding some "pizazz" to parts of her, some sparkle. When this is done, she'll be done I think, and I will show you what I did. I think it will just make her shine a little brighter. And then she can go to her new home with Amy.


  1. Enjoyed hearing more about Ella. Interesting you should say she was the quiet one and your Grandpa shined and was the outgoing one. My parents were like that. Dad was very out going and shined and Mom was the quiet one in the background, but without her backing him he wouldnt have shined so well. As I found out when my Mom passed away. He was so lost without her. She did have a lot of power behind the scenes. Lovingly that is.
    I can't wait to see the finished Ella. It was fantastic as it was so it must now be spectacular.
    Have a great day.

  2. i suppose i mentioned how envious i am about your connection to your past. i haven't got that, and i thought i wouldn't mind, but i do now.

  3. Lynn, How cool about the vintage buttons. Cant wait to see them. I think they were calling to you to buy them for Ellas Quilt. ;)

  4. I think your wonderful exploration of who your quiet grandma is, was, and what she gave to you and her husband and descendants is inspiring and beautiful. And you are doing the same by making this quilt. And all the wonderful things you make and do for your family.

  5. They do say still waters run deep.


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