Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sashing Ella

Remember the fabric I found in the Tiburon thrift store last weekend? I used some of it to sash these squares on my Ella quilt piece.
It's gold with red threads running through it so it has a shine to it and blends with the red frame on the pictures. I did more this morning, but I'll save that for next time. It's coming along...but there will be a lot of additions to the top.
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  1. The contrast betweeen the red background and the black and white in the pictures and frames is so impresssive... i think this artwork is telling me: my roots ( my ancestors ) are always with me.. they are are alive ... running through my blood giving me life...
    I should stop my crowing here , coz i care much about dear Lynn's head... :D

  2. oh my gosh. company late at night and you still create something fantastic in the morning. I didnt realize you were going to use more photos. This is looking fantastic. wow. she is going to LOVE THIS.

    You get more use out of things you get so inexpensive. KUDOS to you.

    We had company last night too. I posted about what they saw going home and us going to check it out today.

    Happy creating. You and the others sure inspire me.

  3. Wow! dearest Lynn... your kind words... the made my day... i'm soaring now...

    If you klick on the picture you can have the original address to the artist...
    That was just a choice from me, a lover of guitars and paintings... but not knowing how to play them or to paint them..
    I wish i could attend your drawing classes... a teacher with such a lively attitude can teach a lot...

  4. Hi Lynn, somptuous is the word that come to my mind looking at your new Ella Quilt. Great peace of work, the photos are interesting and makes us want to know more about the people on it. Thanks for sharing your grandmother with us...:)

  5. Lynn What a fabulous quilt. I love the photos and think your neice/cousin will be so happy with this. And already you are using your recent purchase. Be well, Suki

  6. No, dear Lynn, the pictures and the art there are not mine. If you klick on any of them, you'll have the address. I've chosen them among lots of other works on the net to match my thoughts and words ...
    Just the picture of the crow on the bare tree is taken by my husband in one of the parks in Tehran.

    Seeing your artwork and also Suki's, I've been encouraged to show some pictures of the things I have and I see ...
    See... this is the magic of communication or as dear Suki puts it: the miracle of internet....

    Dearest Lynn this is kind of you to say you put time in reading and understanding my writings... whatever you tell me about them, surely expands my vision and world...
    I do not consider myself a poet, though ... just some images come to me and they find their ways through words... my best friends from childhood...writing...

    I love the picture of your true identity... it's so mystical... so artistic...

    Too much crowing again... :D
    This is the problem with the crows... they are chatterboxes!!!

  7. What a chance i was online and got the chance to read your new comment... Gosh! you gave me two wings... i'm much flattered...

    Once one of our professors told us that American people are not very harsh on your English ... they always say: your English is fantastic...
    And after all those years, i wish more and more this view became world-wide... if we are not harsh on each other and accept each other as we are... and know that our differences are just there to help us grow and learn from each other, this world of us would be the heaven...
    Think people like you, dearest Lynn, and Suki can help to create such heaven... i'm smellinfg its scent... we can affect our people and our soceity and show them how related we are...
    Even during this short time, i think it has created something ....

    Our language is called Farsi(Persian). Yes, it is written from right to left. It is one of the Indo-European lanuages like English... Hebrew and Arabic are of the same family--Semitic. Our handwriting,though,is taken from Arabic....Iranians have developed this handwriting and we have an art called calligraphy. You can watch some examples in this link:

    I've studied English literature and teach general English... I don't teach at highschool. Send my regards to your husband. I do respect all teachers....Artists are teachers, too. Their method of teaching is different, though.

    This crow comes back to say more ... :D
    Happy i've found you ...

  8. Naneh Kalaagheh! Is that the crow's name? :)
    Lynn, your quilt is coming along beautifully.

  9. Lynn - did you print the pictures onto muslin? Will this quilt fray when washed?

  10. Mim: The photos are printed on "sew in computer printer fabric" june tailor. No where on the packaging does it say what the cloth is made from, but I guess cotton. And it says to dry clean only. I did buy an Epson printer for the sole purpose of printing photos on cloth, at the advice of Karen from "art in the garage" (blog), as she said the colors were more fast than done on an HP or other printer and would not fade.

    No, all the seams will be sewn down on this piece and will not fray when cleaned.

    It's a wall hanging measuring 21" across X 41" down, long and narrow, so I do not expect it to need to be cleaned very often, as opposed to a bed quilt.

    I will add a patch to the back with cleaning instructions along with family history of the photos.

  11. Thanks Lynn - what a lovely idea to add the family history in the back. This will be treasured for years!

  12. OH Lynn just read your note that I hadn't seen before that you will put the written history in a patch on the back. Cool.


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