Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Yes, Cris there is a drawing class

Last night was #2 drawing class...We drew objects, again using "mass gesture", "blind contour" and then adding detail, using eraser to get highlights... Here's what I produced...I felt good when the teacher used one of my cats I drew last week (homework) to show another student what mass gesture was! It was my quickly drawn laying down cat with no details!

There is one more class next week and that's it for this series. They talked about her teaching an "intermediate class" but I didn't get a resounding yes, that I would be ready for that class. There will be a sketching class too, and it sounded like I might be ready for that one. So now you are caught up on drawing class.

I didn't post last night as we had unexpected last minute guests who showed up a while after I got home from class. I was thrilled to see these friends. They used to be very best friends. (30 years ago!) They moved ten years ago to Southern California, and now unfortunately we rarely see them. We had a LOT of catching up to do and did so until midnight! For some reason I did not fall asleep at work today!
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  1. Sorry about TWO comments about where was the drawing class. I didnt know the first one went thru. My computer shut down on me. well went off my server. Poof. arrgh Anyway congrats on the teacher using your drawing to show how to do something. Why doesnt this surprise me?? you GET things so easy. ;)

  2. Hi Lynn, great learning and you are fast, like always:) Love the drawings - we can see in them that you are not afraid of testing anything!
    Have a great day, Andrea

  3. How neat to have old friends drop by. Thanks for sharing your drawings. With only 3 classes it seems like a beginning. You have done well and I like esp your bowls on the bottom drawing.

    Thanks for your comments on my blog. Roses growing still. Wow. Actually a friend from the oceanside offered to mail me some of her rose petal collection. so, hopefully I'll be all set. Yes, I too learn so much from view y'alls artworks. So much creativity and handwork.

    keep on drawin' and sewin' and collagin'


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