Monday, December 24, 2007

This is not Sunny California anymore

DH and his sister walking to her car after lunch...she said she flocked the trees just for me...special!
The trees and little blue house are in her backyard!
Is it cold?
8 degrees F this morning warmed up to 12 degrees F this afternoon... wearing lots of layers!


  1. Wow I didn't expect to see you on line for a day at least. That is something your flight was so short actually. thought it would take five hours at least with lay overs. But ole faithful here checked anyway.. LOL
    Glad you got there safe and sound and was greeted like royalty with Godiva chocolate no less. lol
    The snow looks beautiful but I dont envy you the cold tho...burrr..and the little blue house in back is charming. Is it a garden shed?
    Have a great time there. How long you there for? It seems a bit lonely now on the West Coast here. ;)
    I am combining three posts into this one.

  2. Oh and I cant wait to see all the new ideas you come up with by the time you land back in good ole...home town. ;-)

  3. oh and one more thing.. how do you get your photos on your SIL computer?

  4. dear ole faithful, thanks for checking in...I can always count on YOU! ;-)

    Yes, the little blue house is a garden shed.

    I simply put my cameras' memory card into a slot for it on my SILs computer, just as I do at home. Works the same way here as there. download photos to their Pictures then upload from there. Also emailed them to myself so they will be at home when I return.

    MIL is here and she LOVED I repeat LOVED the collage I made for her. The first thing she noticed were the pansys saying
    Those are my favorite flowers. Then she noticed our photo and then her name. So sweet. I felt oh so good having her enjoy it as much as she did!!!!!! It's hanging on the wall here now. Soon she'll take it to her new home (a care center for elderly folks)...

    A happy Christmas here for all of husbands family all together, calling aunts and cousins on phone for all to hear.
    A nice gathering of family!!!!!! Happy to be a part of it.

    And then my nephew (age 20) recited in HEBREW the blessing for chanukah for me, and my MIL wished me a happy Chanukah. We mix well here.

  5. I thought you had to have your own camera software on the computer. Guess I am behind the times. lol
    So happy to hear how much you MIL loved the collage you made but I didnt think she wouldnt as it was AWESOME. Truly.
    How sweet of your nephew to recite that for you. They sound wonderful.
    Have a wonderful time there.
    Ole faithful will keep checking in. :-)


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