Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas From Lynn in MN

Wishing you all (who celebrate this holiday) a very Merry Christmas. I celebrated with my husband and his family here in snowy Minnesota today. The star donned the top of a former brother in laws' brother's Christmas tree;
This is my dear Mother in law, Erika, age 87.5 yr in her room at her "care center"...We are standing in front of the appliqued bird houses I made for her. You may remember this (some of you) from second blog post ever! Oh yeah, and that is me. Next is my nephew leading the way in the snow (see the flakes on his coat) with MIL behind him and DH behind her (his mom).
Then DH and his ma in a very sweet shot of both.

Later Erika entertained us at the piano. She has a medium level of dementia so I was surprised at how much she remembered. She plays MORE music now in her "new home" than she did before she was placed there this summer after a serious illness. She has fully recovered from that illness. And yes, those are her beautiful hands on the piano keys below.
A very loving day had by all of us.


  1. What a sweet looking MIL. I didn't realize the bird house hanging went to her too. I hope you got a pix of you & her with your collage.
    Sweet pix of her and DH for sure.
    and Burrrrrr it looks positively freezing out. I stepped outside tonight here & it could very well snow here. Altho they say it won't come this low. But it is cold enough.
    So glad to hear Erika is well now. She was concentrating so hard on her music. I am jealous. Aways wanted to play piano.
    Hope the rest of your visit there is as wonderful.. keep those pix coming. Ole faithful here! ;)

  2. thank you for sharing your wonderful day with us...I can hear the piano music from here...and I love it. ;)

    Many blessings on your home and family and those you love. And may this new year greet you with open arms of joy and prosperity and even larger love.

  3. Oh I didnt post someting today. will tomorrow. I got to busy reading and having company.

  4. So here is where you are hiding:) Dear Lynn, my best wishes to you, your husband and his family and Erika who is still playing piano, I'm amazed and happy for her. Her hands look so young. As time goes by and we are approaching the end of this year, I wanted to tell you that I'm happy to be your friend. Across the ocean I send you greetings from Paris (no snow here but rain:)

  5. Merry Christmas again, dear Lynn.
    Through your nice shots and your words, I could feel the warmth and peace in that family gathering ... even I could hear the piano played by those beautiful hands.... thank you very much for sharing these happy moments with us...
    Best wishes.

  6. That wall hanging... sooooo beautiful....bird houses is one of my favorites themes....

    And I borrowed something from you ;-)
    The template of the blog....

  7. Thank you fro sharing Lynn. Looks like you are having a positively wonderful time with family. And I am envious of all the snow. I spoke too soon for us here when it snowed last week. The weather warmed up, it rained, and we did not get a white Christmas after all. But your photos yesterday helped!! :-) It was great to finally see you and DH too!!

  8. LOVE the shots of Erika at the piano. This fills me with joy.


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