Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Yarn Cafe for Coffee with the Queen

This morning SIL took DH, thier mom and me to the Yarn Cafe for coffee and sweets. We sat around the fire place looking at it snowing out the windows on either side...whilest drinking, talking and laughing...surrounded by beautiful yarns of many colors.

I told my MIL she was The Queen of England in the felted hat she tried on...and she hadn't a care in the world. She loved being Queen!


  1. What a cool place .. Is that your SIL in the hat? Your MIL does look like the Queen in that hat. Love the colored yarns.
    Did you get out to quilt shops?
    Looks like your having fun.

  2. Pretty cool cafe! Looks like the queen is having a nice holiday. lovely smile. On you too.

  3. Last winter when we came here for Christmas 2006 I was into knitting. My DH went on line, unbeknownst to me, and found this yarn cafe and took me there for a surprise. We both loved it. The coffee is excellent, the ambiance too. So we return this year again and brought his sister and mom with us to enjoy it and introduce them to a nice place in their own neighborhood. ;-)

    Yes, Cris that is my SIL and yes, we got to a quilt shop later.

  4. So much colour and fun and human warmth. Something tells me you bring a lot of this joy with you wherever you go.


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