Sunday, December 30, 2007

What People DO in the SNOW! By a Californian with frozen toes

I am enamoured by the icicles...We see them everywhere in small to large and they are just begging to be broken off and eaten like a frozen dessert!

Kids sledding down a hill...the two in the middle are just about to collide into each other. No one hurt...both got up and got hugs.

Cross country skiers abounded as well...

A true artist is apparently one who does not let the weather conditions interfere with his art.
This man was outside in the freezing cold painting on a huge canvas...I caught a glimpse from the car driving past him. One more day and then we return to Sunny California. The weather there is in the 30s at night and 45 daytime F. Which seems cold to my mind, but warm after being here in the 20's and teens F. And minus' C.


  1. Oh my gosh.. How cool is that shot of the painter. You're quick with the camera. Did you notice the sign at the base of the tree. says PEACE. ;)Anyway that IS dedication. Not sure I would have that much. LOL
    I used to love the ice cicles when I was a child growing up in snow. They are fun to lick on but they can be daggers too. ouch.
    Your weather back home sounds about like ours here.
    Have a great last day.

  2. Yeah, me too. I remember the icicles in Arkansas. They would grow longer and longer off the eaves of the house until finally they would come crashing down under their own weight and splinter on the flagstone patio. I loved looking at them, watching the sunlight make rainbows inside them.

  3. Cris, no, I grabbed this shot of the artist in action quickly as we drove mind did not recall the Peace sign there...didn't even see it when I uploaded the photo...thanks for showing it to me!
    He had very bold stokes of the tree trunks and branches and that is what I saw. Oh and his red hat.

  4. Dear frozen-toed icicle-eater Californian, your post and photos where full of life as always...

    Icicles are real fun... Cris says daggers; we used them as horns!

    And that picture of the artist is fabulous, both for the message you talked about and for the composition of the elements:that big tree in the foreground, the other one in the background... both accentuating the dignity and worth of the artist who is standing parallel to them .. and you did it all unconsciously dear artist...
    Cris has eyes of an eagle noticing that peace sign... all these details make this picture something more than an accidental photo.
    Thank you very much for feeding our eyes with the beauties of the life..
    The address to my profile page you asked for:

  5. Love the sledding photo...I'm still looking for the perfect hill around here (and a sled mind you!) Most of the hills we have head to the river...not the best choice! lol

    Have a safe trip back home and enjoy the snow! Snow is for playing! And for looking at, and listening to, and reminding you to take the time it takes to get there. ;)

  6. How funny about that photo. I noticed the stance of the painter first.. then the branches on the canvas.. Then I saw the peace sign. He had on a red hat? lol
    Hve a safe trip home. Bet your chomping at the bits to get home to your sewing machine with all those creative juices going. ;-)

  7. what do we do in the snow? We play and snowshoe and throw snowballs and pretend to like it.

  8. Guess he's painting in oils as the water for the acrylics might freeze. :)

    I cross country skied once. I fell almost immediately and couldn't get up. So embarrassing esp as my friend was whipping along. I never did "get" it.

  9. happy new year to you too Lynn. May 2008 be filled with quilts, and threads, and creative endeavors galore. Blessings, suki

  10. Oh my son would be so jealous of this... he is longing to build a snowman. We get lots of very cold winds and rain, but rarely any snow. After a Californian hot heavenly Christmas, this sure looks like a good alternative. FUN!!!


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