Sunday, January 27, 2008

A hint of what I've been doing...

This is just a tease regarding my newest quilting project.
Been working on it for several days now, much time spent on the floor on my knees putting a puzzle together.
Pricked my fingers, but thus far not bled on the piece!
What's a project without blood, sweat and tears?
Will just say it's a work in progress that may take quite a bit of time.
After she goes to her new home you shall see her.
Yesterday I had to take a break, as Henry thought it great fun to dive into the piles of fabric I had on the floor. He was not going to let me get anything done. So I scooped him up and rocked him to sleep, and then was able to leave him on this "old" quilt of mine while I returned to my project.
Wishing you all a Happy Sunday. The rains have been falling on us for days now, off and on, on and off, but really pouring when they come down. It sounds good on the roof, rather soothing. Just hope the roof holds! ;-)
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  1. What a tease you are. LOL
    Looks interesting. It will be well loved.

  2. oops.. forgot to mention Henry, He looks like a baby there.. such a cutie. They do like their attention. :)

  3. Wow, the quilt in the slide show is awesome! Haven't made one in years - it wouldn't take much to get me in the mood though. I sure love yours.

  4. Thank you Judy, I wonder which one you mean? All twelve are there.
    Do get into it. It's a love for me.

  5. Yes, Henry looks just like Jasper, who also loves to get involved in whatever I am doing.

  6. Have fun sewing and creating. Hey, lucky cat. So that's the way to get yr attention, hop around on your piles of fabric. Hmm.

  7. Lynn- so I can post on the other blog? if yes, I'll give it a try.

  8. Mim, yes, just click on "My Other Blog" Positive Health..." and it takes you right there. Do comment and we can chat and support each other that way.

  9. sounds like the rain we had in oz, it felt like the roof would fall in.

    oooooh, i like what i see......the coulours are yummy.......don't over do it mate!

  10. Hi Lynn, so sweet the pictures! Oscar is doing thistoo, he just loves to dive into piles of fabric. But he won't be rocked to sleep like Henry....
    Very lovely photograph and I hope your rood held!
    Have a great day
    PS the new quilt project looks great from here:)

  11. That has to be the soppiest, most adorable and spoilt cat in the whole world. You both look SO cute together :-)))


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