Friday, January 25, 2008

Sketching Class 1

Last night was the first of two sketching classes I have signed up to take this and next week.
The first drawing is us testing different pencils for shades and feel. Some pencils feel "creamy", who knew? Then we were instructed to sketch some objects our instructor set out on the table.

I've been doing some fabric work too but won't be sharing that for a while yet. Just know I AM being creative!


  1. Great work Lynn. I was never really good at sketching. But then I never put too much effort into it. Perhaps I should try again. I wish I had your energy. Funny that you sketched a wine glass. Kelly and I just finished watching "Sideways". :-)

  2. Thanks Syl. I don't know what "Sideways" is about? Wine?
    I don't drink wine myself, but it's what the teacher plunked down in front of us and said sketch it. So I did. ;-)
    Truth be known my energy wains about an hour and a half into the classes I've been attending after my day at work. They could be shorter for my money!
    But otherwise my energy is pretty good and steady! Especially lately with all the exercise I have been doing.

  3. These are really good Lynn.
    Why are the pencils creamy? Do you mean from Hard to soft ones? never thought of it that way. Kind of like the colored pencils.. the more expensive ones ARE creamier easier to smooth in.
    I LOVE the bird houses. You did an awesome job on them.

  4. You ARE being creative, Lynn. Isn't it fun to make things, to test ourselves, to learn. You asked about provisional cast on in knitting. It is a method of keeping stitches "live" so you can pick them up easily to knit them.

  5. Love the birdhouses. You are brave to take a sketching class, I havent' had the nerve to do that yet but it looks like fun.

  6. These are fun sketches Lynn. I tend to think three hour art classes are far to long at this point in my life. But that's what they usually set them art.

    Now for the stretching classes (I mean exercises not canvases)

  7. Hi Lynn, great to see you sketch, and your sketches and wonderful. My favourite one is the table with the wraught-iron chairs, it is so spontaneous and graphic, I love it.
    Have a nice weekend,


  8. Those little bird houses are great!
    And I love all the energy you get into your lines.

    I could see that energy translating very well into free machining.

  9. Andrea, I am so thrilled that you like the rod iron chairs and table. My husband could not identify what they were! So someone sees! Yippiee.

    Mim, I guess I have moved beyond brave. I am just hell bent on trying new things, challenging myself, getting out there more, and yes, Annie, learning! I think it helps my mind continue to grow
    as I age I want to stave off loosing brain cells as much as possible and this is how I have chosen to do it. (Plus exercising body and keeping healthy in other ways as well).

    Oh good, Bad Faery, as the free machining is soon on my list of things to do again.

    Suki, this one is two hours and it's a bit too long for me after working all day. Are you stretching too with Cris and I? Oh goodie!

    Cris, the teacher used the word "creamy". The "creamy pencil" felt softer and smoother than the others...I'll tell more as I experience it and learn.

  10. Uh, yeah, those are very obviously wrought iron chairs and table...the kind some people use outside but my mom always liked in the breakfast nook. I would be tired 1.5 hours into any class. Time for a break!

  11. Great sketches Lynn - I love the bird house, well I love them all! I love that you are doing this... where DO you get your energy and enthusiasm from.
    Thanks for the photos of your sea side walk with hubby, fanastic views.
    WELL DONE for the healthy living campaign... I'm impressed. You may just motivate me into something...
    Nice to catch up. (I have stopped by but not had time to comment. )

  12. i like this work a lot, i am also looking for another art course, since my last many hours is it? i can't concentrate for too long and my back starts to ache.

  13. Forever Young, the classes I take are two hours long, and they are about a half hour too long for me. I go right after work so it's already been a long day. Then the painting class was standing the full time at an easel. Which was hard on my feet (I got Charlie Horse in foot on way home driving, not a good thing). Better for me would be my day off from work and then maybe 2 hrs would be okay.

  14. Terrific!
    Brave and determined lines..
    Your sketches are full of life and power.

  15. Many thanks HB! Brave for sure...and I can honestly say I feel that I am pouring my life into these new endeavors. And I also believe that gives me power over my own life.

  16. i always love the raw sketches ... nice ones you have got here


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