Thursday, January 31, 2008

Walking in the rain...

Today I wanted to go to the bead store. I had an idea for my most recent quilting project. At noon I stepped outside to see that it was raining. Okay, take the car. I walked to my car and decided instead to just take the umbrella out of my car. I have no idea how long it has been since I purposely went for a walk in the rain, but I did today. It was fun. I loved it. With my little black umbrella above protecting me as I listened to the pitter pat of the rain drops not falling on my head and the squish, squish of my shoes on the wet sidewalk, I walked the few blocks to the bead store where I found beads from Kenya. Perfect. African beads made by African women for their livelihood the shop keeper explained. I picked out three flat ones in brown with gold painted swirls, three round ones in red with painted gold dots and a button that is very special for a special focal point on the quilt to be explained another time. But it was just what I was looking for. Just what my quilt needed. The rains came down harder on my way back so I picked up my pace and took my now cold but not too wet body back to the office where I welcomed the warm interior of the room. There my umbrella and I dried out for my work of the rest of the afternoon. I had time to check out everyone elses blogs, something I love doing...catching up on artists' drawings, mixed textile art, paintings, collages, poems, photography, and words. What a wonderful circle we've made in blogland. What great talents gather together and share their art and their wares. I know I've said this before but I so appreciate having been introduced to this world, this amazing group of talented souls. Leaving comments I hope will be half as appreciated as I do the ones that come to me on a daily basis. Who knew? Who knew? I feel so blessed. ********************************************************************************* Tonight I went to the second and final sketching class. Once again I felt too tired to be there. But Brenda, our teacher, explained that my right brain could take in her lessons while my left brain relaxed so perhaps I was in the best frame of mind. Negative spaces, dark shapes were drawn out of pictures, lighter spaces filled in later. She even had me copy one picture upside down so I'd see those spaces and not just the lines. I'm writing this still tired just having come home from there so not positive I have this all right. Just know I probably should stick to day time classes when it comes to drawing and sketching. She's a great teacher. She deserves a more alert student! ;-) I will try these techniques on my own and others we giving up here. No giving up. **********************************************************************************


  1. Nice rain walk Lynn. I love umbrellas. did you see "Howard's End" the movie. It all started with an umbrella.

    Cute what your teacher told you. Good to know what's best for you--daytime classes for drawing.

    How does one label "giving up." Seems so judgemental for something that might be set aside for a moment and returned to or something that is needed maybe only briefly to begin with. Thus why is moving away considered giving up? An herb teacher (Susun Weed) says that after first reading about or seeing a healing weed, it may be 3 years or so before one uses that weed or the weed comes into ones life. I like that. We don't really know what significance what we do today will have on our larger life, even subtley and on an unconscious level.

    So all that from the somewhat harsh to my ears words "giving up" or "not giving up."

  2. kenyan beads, sounds perfect for the person you're doing this quilt for....mmmmmmmmmmm

    i could never manage an art class at night,i'm definitely a 'day' person.

  3. Suki, your words are well taken, thanks. I was tired last night when I wrote that so may not have thought it all through. Perhaps I was feeling like I was "giving up" by leaving class a bit early or not putting my all into it. It felt like my usual energy supply suddenly had gone dry, betrayed me!
    I heard you! I hear you.

    FY I will post those beads to day so all can see. They are quite special. I dare say they shall add a perfect finish to this piece.

  4. Suki how wonderful your words are. I like that knowing we might not do or use something right now but we could later. Lynn you were tired but I bet you did learn things that will come out later.
    On the drawing upside down. That really works too. My Girlfriend in CA wanted to draw so much so she got the Book..drawing on the right side of the brain and it said to do that. She tried it and she started drawing things. of course it IS going to be hard to get a horse or dog to stand on their heads in person to draw them. LOL
    Keep on trying things..Cant wait to see the teaser pix on this quilt.

  5. That was great advice from your teacher...your right brain CAN draw when you're half asleep, and perhaps better in a way than when Mr. Left Brain wakes up again.

  6. OK Lynn... not only are you a quilter, you are a writer! what a great story about the quilt show and Fred's sneaky and wonderful treat. What a doll.

    Love the quilts with the "photos". How do you put those on there?

  7. Hello Anony. Thank you for the kudos on my writing and quilting!
    ;-) Yes, he is a doll. (sometimes) LOL

    The photos are transfered from computer to printer to a sheet of cloth backed with paper that goes into the printer.
    Then I separate the cloth from the paper backing, cut out the photo as I want it cropped and sew it onto the quilt backing. In this case I sewed all the photos and fabric on a piece of plain muslin and then that went onto the batting and backing fabric. It's fairly easy to do.


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