Friday, February 1, 2008

New Quilt Coming Along

Beads from Kenya!

A puffy corner or two!


  1. Oh yes.. this is looking good. Love the colors on it already from what I can see. Going to have photos on it too. Lucky person who is getting this. :)

  2. This looks interesting and it looks to me like you have the free motion quilting down pat. I haven't tried that yet, it looks difficult but your leaf is wonderful. Thanks for the suggestion on bobbin color, I think I'll use invisible thread in the bobbin, that should help.

  3. Love the dots and the beads from Kenya are marvelous. Hints of the whole. Love the photo too.

  4. Mim, I sent you a warning about invisable thread in bobbins to your blog. They are not to be used in bobbins. The woman who taught my heirloom quilting/top stitching class said they screw up your machine. So my suggestion would be to use a light green and it will be fine. Thread can show on the back! Mine look like maps of the front. I like it. It's OKAY.

    I love free motion sewing. It's like drawing on fabric and it's easy. I enter a zone (right brain I am sure) and just flow with it.

    Try it on some scraps until you get the hang of it. And enjoy!

    Suki, glad you like the dots and beads.

  5. Yes, I read Cloth . Paper . Scissors. Which reminds me:

    Human Being, there is a crow to make that is just delightful in the November/December 2007 issue. I will try to post the pictures later on. On pages 62-65 by kelli perkins. Article called fancy scrap crow dolls.

  6. Lynn, this is veryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryvery beautiful:) I love the assorted beads, they are really wonderful, and you chose so well your colours and prints and also the threads and stitches. I am looking forward to see more of it, it really looks great.
    Those dot-beads are great and those with the swirl too, they look as if you could eat them.

  7. Lynn - thanks for the warning! I'm going to think more about the light green thread, I think that's the best idea. I have the quilt laid out on the ping pong table and I just keep staring at it hoping for a quilting inspiration.

  8. wow, the person who commissioned this is certainly going to be very happy from what i can see (grin)

  9. really like those kenyan beads.
    cute little girl too.

  10. The circles of the beads and the dots both emit lots of energy... so lively and lovely!
    You're so nice... I'm dying to see the crow... maybe i can make it.

    Thanks for remembering me .

  11. Oh wow, I LOVE the colours and patterns in this one. Can't wait to see more!


    This is looking incredible... and just HOW LONG have you been quilting exactly???!!! Totally amazing textures and contrasts.
    Lynn the Queen of Quilting :-)

  13. Lizzi, thank you so much. I took my first quilting class July 2007. So seven months this month!

    Sweet to be called Queen from my English Buddie.


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