Saturday, February 2, 2008

This is Melinda Bula and her Peach Rose quilt, which is 37" x 34" and it's in her book.

This is the first quilt of Melinda's that I saw at the show today. It is awe inspiring to say the least.

And this is my Knight in Shining Armor!

Do you like these quilts?

I have more photos from the show.

I'll post more later. I need to go catch my breath. I am still in quilters awe. I felt like I met the princess of all quilters today. And I was taken there by my very own knight in shining armor.

I am the luckiest gal in the whole wide world. Happy too.


  1. oh my gosh.. did he surprise you or did you just run into the show? YOU DID GO!?

  2. Cris, go back and read this again.
    Yes, he intended to take me to the quilt show. It was his plan. He kept it a secret from me. I had no idea there was a quilt show and when I saw it I was elated. And when he drove directly to it and took me inside, bought both our tickets...Yes, he surprised me and it was wonderful.

  3. I thought it was odd you posted no words. I must have looked while you were working on this.. wow what a Shining knight for sure. :)
    Yes more please.

  4. So cute! the quilts are really like paintings as you said in the above post.Good for you seeing them closely.
    Thanks a lot for taking us to the show, too.
    Yes, I want to see more!

    A big hurray for your knight in shining armor ... the armor of "amore".

  5. I love this story, he get's a few guy points for this.
    Those quilts are so beautiful, and what amount of work went into them!
    In the store of "cloth, paper, scissors" (which is in my town) there is an art quilt of a still life that takes my breath away with the sheer beauty and amount of work that has gone into it.

  6. Yes this quilt is amazing. Wow. Your DH very cute standing there for all the gals out here in blogland to admire. Does he have a twin?? :)

  7. Mim, I hope you will share that art quilt you see for us here. And you LIVE in the same town as Cloth Scissors Paper STORE! How how cool that must be. Maybe you can tour it and post it too. LUCKY YOU! Where in MA?

    Suki, sorry no twin, he's one of a kind. But it's okay to oggle. LOL

  8. Does your knight enjoy the quilt shows, too? Or does he go just to make you happy?

  9. Great story, Lynn, and the quilts are soooo beautiful. Ilove the way the show the light and shadow on the leaves and flowers. What an amazing work! And your husband is such a nice guy, taking you there! And staying there with you:)

  10. Well he's a Keeper I'd say ;-))
    What a true gentleman, & your true love.
    What a fantastic show and I have to agree, those quilts by the Princess of Quilting are totally amazing and right up your street, but as far as I am concerned YOU are the Queen of Quilting. (DH will have to be the King won't he?!)


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