Saturday, February 2, 2008

What are we going to do today dear?

This morning as we set out for 'I thought, Sacramento, I asked DH which museums we were going to visit on this Free Museum Saturday? He said there were three around town, but wasn't sure we'd get to them all. I asked if he planned on going to the 'hands on' museum which I had just heard about on a morning talk show while on my treadmill. No, he said, he didn't think we'd go to that one. We got closer and closer to Sacramento and I asked again. Are we going to an art museum. No, he said, we'd been to enough of those lately...Really? I was hard pressed to remember just which art museums we had been to 'lately'. Then he said we were going to an historical museum. Oh. Had I known that...if I Had a choice between an historical museum and staying home and sewing, quilting on my latest project...well,I didn't say this outloud, I did want to spend the day with my DH...but oh, I was diappointed. Then he said it was in Fulsom and told me what freeway exit to watch for, and which street. Reluctantly, but dutifully I did as I was told. We were finally on the right street when I saw a sign that said Quilt Show. I said, OH can we go there after the historical museum? Well maybe we could. And then said DH pulled into the parking lot of that very Quilt Show. That had been his plan all along! He was wanting to surprise me. And you know what? He did! It just took me a little while of bowing and scraping to get my feelings of guilt up off the ground, a million trillion thank yous for being so sweet and thoughtful, and then wow we entered this quilt show. It was terrific. And best of all I could not believe I was there. There were quilts galore of course, there were textile piants, there were books on all sorts of quilting, there were embellishments of all sorts. I was in quilt heaven. I kept having to stop and tell DH what a wonderful guy he is, and thank him again, and yes again. He walked with me, being maybe one of six guys in this place packed with women of all ages. He stopped and looked at quilts, traditional quilts, hand quilted quilts, he listened to me point out perfect hand stitching, me going on and on ohhing and ahhing over huge colorful quilts. He stayed there while I looked at books, tons of books. While I fingered buttons and threads. He was just wonderful. Then I saw a quilt that took my breath away. It was the only one that looked to me like an art quilt. It was all top stitched and it was of beautiful flowers that had to be appliqued, but top stitched down and it looked like a painting. I was beside myself in awe. Then a bit up the asile I saw a book by the artist who created that quilt. It was autographed. DH said I should buy it. He said it looked like my kind of thing. He was right. I wanted to learn to make a quilt like hers. The book is called Cutting-Garden Quilts Fabulous Fusible Flowers and it's by Melinda Bula. We walked on and I spied another quilt that was in this same style. It was a rose and it was spectacular. Again, I was gasping for breath. It was THAT beautiful. And there was a young woman sitting under it at a vendors table. I went up to her and started talking about the quilt. Then I said "Are you Melinda?" She said yes. Ohmygod. I shook her hand, told her I had just bought her book and that her quilts were the most beautiful in the show and they were so wonderful and I just went on and on she probably thought I was some kind of a nutcase. She teaches classes and does workshops and I will be looking for one near here believe me! And I will be using her book and making some pieces in this wonderful style. Let me show you what I mean.


  1. Wow! Lynn, you made my day! It's morning here and the first thing to read is an exciting account by Lynn; full of human and artistic beauties.
    Your DH is really a nice husband. That surprise... so lovely.

    And they say: love something with all your heart and it's in your hands...
    Your love for quilting created this wonderful day for you: Your husband's plan to take you to the show... the beautiful quilts of all sorts, meeting the artist in person, and workshops...
    Your true love is your secret key to achieve anything.
    Wish you more...

  2. Totally cool story Lynn. Your husband is so sweet. I love the way you describe how grumpy you were to be going to a historical hysterical museum. And the wonderful surprise at the end.

    Glad you had such a beautiful day and have such a dh.

  3. Yes, he is a gem...who I really must appreciate more!

  4. What a cool surprise. Bet you got LOTS of photos inside that building. Yep your Hubby is a sweetie.not only to surprise you but to go with the flow while there too. :)

  5. Well that answers my question about your knight and the quilt shows. Now I learn he surprised you with this one! Tee hee. What a guy!

  6. i've never met anyone 'famous' so exciting. DH is lovely....


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