Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Final Painting Class Endeavor

Last night we had about an hour of lecture and example...I started to attempt a "realistic" painting of my passion vine flower, but it just did not even come close, did not the last few minutes of the class I picked up a brush loaded with pink paint and hurriedly stroked it over the passion flower and this is what I got...added the yellow center and highlighted the green surrounding area.

I'm done with art classes for now. My focus is going to be on art quilts...both playing around with appliqued pieces of my own design and/ or commissioned photo history wall hangings.

Now I am going to go mop my kitchen floor. My house has suffered terribly from the last several weeks of quilting. It feels and looks neglected. Getting ready for the next big thing! ;-)
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  1. Took me awhile to get this to open. I do like your painting. I cant believe you did that at the last minute. What size is it?
    Kudos for going for it in the first place. It just takes longer then two hours to do a painting like that so what you got done was amazing.
    Oh come clean my house to will ya? LOL When Pigs fly?? :)

  2. WOW - I know your heart lies in quilting....but this is a stunning painting.
    I love the dark pink accents on the flower.
    you have quite the eye!

  3. CRIS, the canvas is 11" X 14". Thank you, and thanks KITTY for your praise of my endeavor here.

  4. I can see how this can develop in a beautiful quilt, Lynn!
    I like this painting, it is sunny and joyful,

  5. Love your flower painting. Actually for me I think sometimes fast is best. As they say in Zen, first thought best thought. Also, much Zen art is done quickly time/wise although often many years of painting lies behind the ability to paint in a few strokes.

    YOur art quilt banner is just gorgeous. You have so many talents and it is inspiring to see you exploring them via this blog. Be well, Suki

  6. Love this painting. Very impressive.
    Your quilt works are also marvelous. Wainting to see your new work.
    You are creative in whatever you do.

  7. and you said you can't draw...this is lovely, really lovely, frame it and hang it amongst all those lovely quilts. what's the next thing?


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