Sunday, February 24, 2008

Big ? Storm, Bumpy Ride, & Clematis Found a Home

Big storm here today...well not so bad...this is the rain outside our back door...the door mat is under water...

Mr. Henry did not want to get out of the laundry basket when I wanted to take it down stairs. Yes, he was napping, but the clothes have to get done sometime!
I added my shoes and some craft materials to take to the kids, as we are babysitting this afternoon and evening.
So Henry went bump, bump, bump down the stairs and did not get out until we reached the laundry room. Some cat! I guess he liked his bumpy ride.

This is the Clematis before and after applying the binding.
The binding is half sewn on and half pinned. I'll finish the sewing tonight after we put the little kids to bed.

MORE Happy news: I had asked my son and daughter-in-law to be to please look at my blog and quilts to see what they liked so I could make them something for their wedding gift. Guess what? They liked this one! Actually she said they "loved it", which made me very happy, as all the time I was making it with them in mind *just in case they loved it! They looked and emailed me this morning as I was putting on the finishing touches with their choice! The happy occasion is this August in Portland!
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  1. LOL.. Henry is such a character. I LOVE that photo, that look on his face is priceless. LOL
    WOW on the quilt hanging. big WOW..KUDOS on the workmanship. I love it that your Son and wife to be, loved what you had chosen for them before they picked it. Wonderful job. Lucky son. :)

  2. That cat is just too funny! Whenever I open your blog and see something to do with him I know I will be amused. I love seeing his pics, his comics and hearing about what he's been up to. I am casting my vote for more of Henry! One day soon I may respond to you with a Jasper version of the comic. I've been taking note of his usual antics to use as material when I do get around to it.

  3. Oh! Henry looks like a king on his throne!

    You quilt is marvelous, Lynn. The best gift one can receive... :)

  4. oh lynn, i am so glad they wanted this one, you were so right about it. what a wonderful gift to a new dil. hugs.

  5. How could they NOT love it - it's extraordinary work. and a love gift also, congrads on the wedding.
    love Henry, such a typical cat face and behavior.

  6. Hi Lynn, I laughed loud when Henry's head popped up on the screan in that basket:) He looks so funny, as if he knew that he was entertaining you and us!
    Great new about the quilt, and I think: no wonder, just everybody has to like this beautiful thing!
    Have a wonderful day

  7. Oh.. I just checked and noticed I said Lucky SON for getting that lovely quilt but I should also have said lucky DIL. Sorry. and I still love this photo of Henry. That look on his face is so comical. :)

  8. It doesn't matter that cats can't speak English. It is clear as day what Henry is saying.

    What a wonderful turn of events. The clematis quilt is headed to a good home and a happy couple is getting one priceless and breathtakingly beautiful wedding present.

  9. I think you are a wise woman, to find out if the potential recipient likes and wants the gift you've created and crafted BEFORE you give it to them. It's just so sad when something beautifully made isn't recognized as special and treated with a little reverence.

    I like your cat's spunk.

  10. hope you okay friend, haven't seen you around for a few days.

  11. FY: I'm fine, thanks for asking, just busy with life and not having as much time for checking in on blogs on a daily basis, but I will do when I can.

    Thanks to all of you for your wonderful praise for my work on Clematis. I did love doing this one. Glad I can keep her at home for a while and enjoy her myself before sending her off (taking her to the wedding in August). Now I will figure out some new things using same process but want to develop/create my own patterns.

  12. What lovely and beautiful work you do! And I'm glad to see your Henry is as much a character as my two your blog--I'll be back!

  13. Henry just cracks me up!! He looks like he's thinking "you take me outa this basket and so help me, you will never find any of your socks ever again!"
    And the quilt is Beautiful!!

  14. That is gorgeous. You are very talented!!


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