Saturday, February 23, 2008

This is the back of my Clematis Quilt

When I discovered Melissa Bula's quilts at the Folsom quilt show a few weekends ago, I was awe struck by her work, the dynamic WOW upon seeing the huge appliqued flowers...and then as they were hung so you could walk around them and see the back I was wow'd again seeing the beautiful colorful stitching on the back. So I too loaded bobbin after bobbin with colored threads to match the top stitching threads so I too would have "another picture" if you will on the back of my work.
And here it is!

This is the back of my Clematis. I have finished the top stitching and tomorrow I will make the binding and sew it on (after squaring up the piece of course and trimming off the excess fabric/batting/backing...When that is done you shall see the front as well.

I strongly recommend double clicking on the photo to see the details of the stitching. ;-)

Point of interest: It's been 13 days from when I started this quilt from the building of the design table to finishing the top stitching.
Happy Weekend to all.

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  1. THIS IS PRICELESS.. AWESOME WORK LYNN. Your artistic ablity grows with each quilt. Heck.. it LEAPS...Truly beautiful work.

  2. Absolutly amazing looking, I like the back so much! I wondered why you were winding so many colored bobbins. This is just amazing! and so neat!

  3. awesome. I love the two sidedness of it. Both sides lovely. YOu are a wonder!!!

  4. Dear Lynn, what a beauty this is, at both sides! I love these coloured lines very much, it looks very delicate!
    And this was a marathon quilting session, was it?
    Have a wonderful Sunday

  5. Can't believe my eyes!
    This is a beauty in itself!
    A precious artwork.

  6. when i learnt to do embroidery, my mother always used to say 'if the back looks as good as the front, then it's well done' so this IS well done!

  7. Lynn!

    I'm so glad that you got it to work! And such lovely work you've done too!
    Gorgeous! :)


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