Friday, February 29, 2008

Folks, It IS spring in California! My backyard and Front yard.!

Lavender from the front yard blooms...
My childhood girl friend Patty and I bought these miniature daffodil bulbs how many years ago now? and I planted mine. We had tulip bulbs too but I think I must have planted those all upside down as none of them bloomed for me. Patty's garden has them all!

Also in my front yard...not sure what this bush is called but it is loaded with these small pink blooms. So pretty.

One more daffodil ready to bloom in the backyard...

Purple flowers under my orange tree.

An old faithful geranium that keeps coming back year after year...

My dwarf peach tree is blooming!

Camellias are out in full force now...remember the first buds?


  1. Awesome!
    Lynn, you're right! Needs nothing more to prove it.
    Your shots are gorgeous.
    I loved especially the peach tree; some nostalgic memories.

  2. These are sure pretty and cheerful Lynn. Thanks for planting them, watering them and sharing them with us.

  3. OH THATS A BEAUTIFUL SIGHT. Love to see this. That means we arent far behind. YEAAAAA.
    The camilias are blooming next door, and we went for a walk and saw LOTS of Daffodils blooming now far from us. I had to take pictures of it of course. Thanks for sharing.

  4. glorious, we had lovely sunshine here in london in february (except for the earthquake) but now the cold is back brrrr.

  5. ohmigod i am so excited, i think my parcel is here, i have to go to the main post office tomorrow to collect a 'thing' that was too large to put through my letter box, so they left me a card to tell me where to fetch it from.....oooh so excited, watch this space!!!

  6. Forever Young, Oh I am excited too. It's there! It has to be the time is right. So glad it arrived. Please let the box be intact. Wish I could see a video of you opening it. Tell hubby to do that! LOL

  7. I have a special little someone in my life named Camille - and there is a camillia in the yard, in her honor. Yours are very pretty, Lynn.

  8. The daffodils are gorgeous, they're my favourite flower.
    The pink bush you're not sure about is an Aussie native, it's a tea tree, a leptospernum, great name don't you think. They extract tea tree oil from the more common variety. The oil is used as an antiseptic.

  9. Between you and Cris, I am even more depressed about our snowy weather! Actually, it's nice to see the flowers and think that yes...they actually are still out there somewhere, buried under the snow...

  10. Gorgeous photos and yaah its getting colder here!

  11. Oh so pretty! My absolute favourite is the camelia after the dwarf peach tree! What a garden, it is beautiful!

  12. Spring is coming, eh? I have to take your word for it. These flowers are so gorgeous. I can't wait.


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