Friday, February 29, 2008

Henry sleeps while I play with paints

Henry came out to join me in the sunshine today...while I got the acrylics out and played with them on canvas...he fell quickly to sleep on pulled back canvas table and chair protector (from rain).
Tomorrow I will take these paints and two small canvas' to the grand kids and let them let the artists in them out!

PS I want Suki to know that I am saving my paper towels used to clean the brushes and paint pallet for future collage making. It's good to learn from others.

I also picked grapefruits from our tree and delivered them to neighbors on either side of us. And kept a bag to take to daughter's tomorrow. And then I went for a walk. Such a nice day here today.
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  1. Oh this looked like fun. Your painting Looks very colorful. How lovely to be outside playing with paint on a lovely day. Henry's a character. He was in 7th heaven sunning and snoozing in the sunshine with his master. :)
    The kids will love painting. I hope you blog it.

  2. Hi Lynn....thanks for popping by and leaving the wonderful comments...don't be affraid of the "Yummy Sketches of the Day" the reason for them is they are fun and ZERO

    I also thank you for thinking of my family and my Grandfather...his condition is not getting better right now and we are all with him around the clock....

    THanks again...

  3. Wow! Lynn, you are a supurb grandmom.
    I know how children love painting and playing with paint ...and on canvas?! Hurray!

  4. When I saw on your bloglines that you had updated your blog, before I clicked to open it, I thought: "I hope there's something about Henry today" ... and there he is! Regardless of what he is doing, he just makes me laugh (... reminding me of Jasper too, I guess. The way they sleep on whatever we are doing).

  5. Such fresh grapefruit. My mouth is watering. HOw lovely.

    The paper towel idea was Natalya's. They are great fun to reuse I must say.

    The grandkids will have fun for sure. They must get so excited when they know you are coming. Be wll and have a happy weekend.

  6. mmm, paper towel recycle -like that - any more jewels out there? lucky grandkids, they are gonna love it.

  7. Hi Lynn, your little painting table with all the materials and Henry's ears and the little easel and the painting: It looks very nice and creative! Have a lovely day, oh and grapefruits from your tree!!!! Paradise!


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