Friday, February 22, 2008

Tagged by Forever Young To Share A Book

I've been tagged by Forever Young to do this book share:

Here are the rules:
1.) Pick up the nearest book of (at least 123 pages).

2.) Open the book to page 123.3.)
Find the fifth sentence.

4.) Post the next three sentences.

5.) Tag five people.

Forever Young sent me this wonderful book as a gift! And I have to tell you it is hilarious. Particularly if you have reached the wonderful age of 60 or above. (as we have, she the former, me the latter).

Okay: page 123.3 (what the heck is .3?)

Now I am only on page 92 of this book mind you, and I am not one to jump ahead, or read the end first sort of person...but in the name of the game...

Fifth sentence:

Post the next three sentences:

"Poor Chrissie is shattered with getting up and feeding Gene, though now he has a supplementary bottle.
"What is it about feeding babies?
"It is just so lovely to sit with him on my lap, his little head cradled in the crook of my arm, and watch his tiny lips just sucking away at the teat, his eyes closed in a kind of blissful meditation."

[obviously this is not one of the funny sections, but a poignant one...she becomes a grandma and those of us who have know how great this feeling is]

I tag anyone who feels like sharing a book they have nearby.
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  1. Sounds like a great book. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh, what fun! I want to do this. BTW, I love your new blog banner.

  3. you see, this does have meaning to you, as you are such a good grandma...thanx for participating...btw i'm reading the book again for a laugh.

  4. It does sound like a fun book. How did I miss this post?


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