Thursday, February 21, 2008

Henry's Day

Andrea has Miss Doodle, Cris has Annie and Henry wanted to get into the act!
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  1. Lynn, you are a genius!
    I love Henry's Day soooooooooooo much!
    You did this cartoon strip as artistically as all your artworks.
    I'm waiting to see more of him.... please, please....

    I loved Anderea's Miss Doodle so much and suggested her to put her in a book ; After viewing Cris's Annie I asked her eagerly to continue the series, and now I ask you to keep on with this marvelous character.It's so lovable and cute.

  2. ha ha this is adorable, i giggled so much, should i try a 'snuffles' day?
    have tagged you (again) for a book meme.....

  3. Lynn, this is just wonderful. I esp love Henry and the birds and henry tearing up newspaper, henry at night. Wow. I love henry's world. These stories in drawings just make me laugh and feel happy inside.

  4. LOL.. too too funny..Lynn this is cute. Everyone is coming up with their own unique stick people stories. Bravo LOL

  5. Ha! That's really cute. Would love to see more ... especially as Henry reminds me so much of Jasper. I love "Henry ripping up newspapers" in particular.

  6. BTW.. I have a cat that used to tear up all my papers too but she quit right after we got another 'friend' in the house. or is it three more FRIENDS. lol

  7. Thanks all. Just a fun thing that fell out of my head onto paper last night after reading Annie goes to the Vet and Annie goes for a ride...Henry said, "Me too, Me too!"

    So FY, YES, give us a Snuffles series, and Elspeth a Jasper, and Andrea an Oscar to go with Ms Doodle...etc, etc. etc. I love how our creative ideas flow from one of us to the other and so on and on.

  8. Lynn, a great Henry story, I love Henry tearing up Newspapers:) and waiting for Lynn to wake up! Lots of stories to tell still !
    have a wonderful weekend with plenty of catstories to tell,


  9. There's something for you waiting over at my blog--


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