Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Acrylics Techniques Painting Class 1

This is a sample piece that had masking tape to divide spaces in which we applied acrylics and water with brushes to get the feel of the paints. This was made AFTER glopping paint and gel on canvas and transfering onto a piece of plastic sheeting with the lines in it, and also using a leaf to trasfer paint from canvas to this paper!

Class was a blast tonight.

I was wide awake and bushy tailed. My inner child was out full bore. We played with thick acyrlics and a gel medium using a palette knife and it was so much fun. I glopped gel on my canvas, huge dollops of paint, and spread and scraped and spattered it all over the place for an hour!

We made impressions with leaves and strings and stones and driftwood. I thought I was back in pre-school and it was fun fun fun! My painting class friend Jill was in this class too and we sat next to each other and cracked jokes throughout the class time. It was a kick. I was not at all tired when it was over either. I am still jazzed.

I brought home two paintings, one is a practice page of watery acrylics done on paper with tape used to separate the spaces; and the other is the paper print off the painted canvas. The canvas needs a week to dry it is so thick. I'll bring it home next Tuesday night.

This class is taught by Brenda, the same teacher for the drawing and sketching classes and beginners painting class I took there!
Hi Brenda...she said she'd peek in here,
Hi Jill...she said she would too.
They are both a lot of fun to spend an evening with painting and playing around!
Lots of laughter!
Still jazzed!


  1. Hey sounds like a good time was had by all. Nothing like being a free spirit with paint. Cant wait to see your painting when dry. Glad you had fun. Thats what it is all about.

  2. you do sound 'jazzed', am jelly-ass of your lesson,that's the sort of art class i want to find...

  3. Oh this class sounds so much fun. I wish I were there. Your top picture looks like a quilt painting. Ha ha. Have fun with that gel. Suki

  4. Hey Lynn - Love your blog! and your work! As a fellow quilter I love to see everyone's work! Thank you for sharing!

    And did we have fun last night or what?!!!??!! I know you had fun! I had a blast, too! More! MORE! MORE!!! I went to bed and dreamed gel and paint. I was a busy girl in my artsy dreams and I woke up with project ideas galore! Alas work gets in the way! Can't wait until the weekend!

    See you Tuesday and we will do it again!

  5. glad you stopped in to have a look around! Now I want to see your quilts. I didn't recall your telling me you were a quilter.

    YES! Painting class with Brenda is FUN! You are a kick and I enjoy being in the class with you. Our "inner children" play 'bad' together and it makes for a wild and crazy time!

    Cool that you dreamt paint and gel!

  6. Hi Lynn, what a painting experience! Sounds as if this works like Vitamin C on you:)
    Great results too! I love both sheets, so bold the first and so delicate the second!
    Have a wonderful day,

  7. This is a wonderful blog...I enjoyed visiting with you. While I only do fiber work for myself, it is lovely to see what you are doing here. I want to say have a wonderful time with your painting sounds like fun!

  8. Thank you Kim and welcome to my blog! I just peeked in at yours and will spend more time reading it and looking at your art work!
    Fun to meet an acrylics painter, as I am just playing around with those myself right now. And I mean PLAYING! And having fun. I love that some of your art I saw looks abstract, which we did in class this week, and gives a big OKAY. maybe that will be the way I go?
    Please come again! I love making new friends here.

    Thanks Andrea too, your words also work as Vit. C for me! ;-)


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