Monday, February 18, 2008

Let The Sewing Begin!

Yesterday I cut out and ironed on these last pieces you see surrounding the flowers, and that is the pattern on the far right.

This is my much neater design table with all the fabrics and tools put aside.

I used the clean table to pin her. This holds the batting and backing and top in place ready for sewing. Today I put her into the sewing machine and began by outlining all the flower petals.

And then I continued to top stitch (renegage, thread painting) the other areas in colors that matched or blended.

I sewed for six (6) hours straight. My DH said I was a slacker when I stopped. He asked if I was going to tell YOU that I stopped early! So I am telling YOU. Who knows I may go back for more later. I got a lot done. And would have gotten more done but had a "tension" problem with metallic threads. Dear Lady Bug has given me several suggestions, which I shall try. As I really want to give this some glitter that that thread will add. Stay tuned.
A very special someone called me from London this morning! What a treat to talk to a person to whom you've grown to know by making her a special something!
Nice, very nice way to start my day!


  1. Wow Lynn this is really coming along. Six hours is alot of time...Slacker.. LOL..Lots of work going on here. It is really gorgeous.

  2. Slacker? NOT!

    Yep, that worm was trailing his wetness across my back porch one day when the rain had filled the ground outside so full of water that the worm must have feared drowning. I rescued the worm, taking it back outside to a relatively dry spot in the earth, after I took it's picture.

  3. this is looking even better than yesterday. it's very nice to now picture the voice along with the blog, the photos, the person!

  4. Coming along beautifully! I think after 6 hours of sewing I'd need a nap. Wow. HOw exciting about the phone call. Really it all began with blogging didn't it. The sale, the friendship, the phone call? Amazing.

  5. Wow!Lynn.Magnificent work.
    How amazing it is to see all the process and read about the way you do it. Your quilt is part of our life now... Every day I tell myself let's have look at Lynn's beautiful quilt.
    Thanks for making our days more colorful.
    Take care.

  6. Thank you all.
    Yes, Suki, it all started with blogging. Thanks to Kelly for that.
    It's a small world isn't it?
    Yes, FY, your lovely voice started my day...and who knows maybe even a new career! LOL
    I need to go to work today to take a break from sewing/quilting.
    But I shall return!

  7. Slacker? LOL (I had to open the dictionnary:), your husband is very funny! Lynn this is sooo cool. IT is marvellous and I love it. The colours are soul colours and very very beautiful and look at all the sewing you did, oh just WOW!

  8. Lynn! how did things work out last night? I hope you got things to behave themselves!

    On reading through your post I do have one other thing that won't help on this project but might on further projects.

    After you get all the pieces put together don't sandwich it right away. Instead iron some stabilizer on the back and do your heavy thread work just on the top layer. It helps when working with picky threads not to have so much bulk to sew through!

    After you do the thread work you can then put it together with backing and the like, use your walking foot and outline the areas you want to also show through on the back (and even use some pretty thread too)

    Hope that helps!

    Happy Quilting! You're doing such great work!


  9. Lynn--this is gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.

    Slacker! Hah! I wish I was a slacker like you!

  10. DH is right - they DO look like the Bula Quilt from the show already. Clever Lynn!

    Give it a while and you'll be teaching classes, and then not long after you'll be writing your own book. Just wait and see...

  11. Oh my gosh, you must be SO proud of this one. It's one of the most gorgeous quilts I've ever seen.


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