Sunday, February 17, 2008

Look Ma No Pins!

Today I applied the final appliqued pieces to the background of the purple Clementis wall hanging. Then I took a very deep breath and de-pinned them, one by one, and pressed them into place! Whee! It actually went quickly.

And they stuck! Wow!

Then I had to cut out 45 X 3 tiny yellow and orange pieces to go around the flower centers and cut and press them into place. I may have actually made fewer than this.

After which I went over the pattern and found maybe 2-4 pieces that I had missed, found those fabrics, traced, cut, pinned and pressed them into place.
I do believe I am ready to SEW! I will wait until tomorrow (thank goodness for a four day weekend!) as my back it hurting from all this labor intensive part to this work.

And I am pleased with the progress I am making. Excited about getting to the stitching that Melissa Bula calls "Renagade Stitching". I guess because it is so "non-traditional" for traditional quilt making. I call it sewing outside the work...thread painting...its on top and it's fun and you don't exactly follow the lines or have to stay within any firm rules! It's ARTsY! And it's Fun!

Addendum: Tonight I wound 15 bobbins in readiness for sewing tomorrow, all different shades of purple, green, black and black blue, and yellow, beige; and pinned the quilt top to the batting and backing with big safety pins. She's all pinned up again! Oy. So many pins. My sewing will be very slow as I move from one part to another as I have to remove the pins as I go.

DH gave me a huge compliment telling me it already looked like the "Bula" quilts we saw at the quilt show a couple of weekends ago. (Well close maybe!) He is my DH remember! ;-)


And then I went into the garden to see what had changed from the day before and here is what I found:


  1. OMGOSH Lynn. I am gushing now.. That is awesome already. you havent even done the top artsy sewing yet. It is going to be FANTABLULOUS when done. Your poor back...Kudos for all that cutting. :)
    We used to have that color Camilia flower. Yours is so pretty. We had to pull them out as they were getting some kind of black fungus on them. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Lynn, that clematis quilt is absolutely beautiful. Stunning. Wow.

  3. This piece is divine, such gorgeous colours and fabulous composition

  4. It looks beautiful! What color is the backing? What colors are you going to top stitch with - matching or complementary?
    Can't wait to see it finished, and after reading (or trying to read) the instructions for a wall hanging of tulips yesterday, I am very very impressed at how far you have come on this piece and so quickly.

  5. Magnificent!
    Your DH is right. Believe his words. :)

    Give your back some rest by stretching exercises... Don't tire it up!
    Be well.

  6. OOOO, or however you spell that word. This flower quilt is just gorgeous. So the idea is you iron each segment on rather than sew and the only sewing is the top sewing. Interesting.

    Beautiful flower. Ah spring.

  7. PS I like your new blog color which goes so well with the quilt in the header!! Great.

  8. Your DH is right. It IS looking just like a Bula quilt. This has to be my favoirite after Rose Quilt. :)Hmmm Flower Power. :)

  9. Welcome Ro Bruhn. Thank you for your kind comments. I went to your site and found the beautiful jewelry you make. Others should go there too as the trip is very worthwhile. And the colors in your garden a lovely too.

    Mim, the back and binding will be black and I am using matching colors in the bobbins so like Melissa Bula's work there shall be another picture of these flowers in thread on the back if this works for me as it did for her.

    You can see the colors of threads a few posts down as I took their picture on their new stand. They are to compliment dark on dark, light on light etc.

    Please post or send me your pattern with tulips. I am looking to make something using tuplips!

    Yes, Suki, it's an applique process of sticking or pinning the pieces and then iron on with fuiable web which sticks to the background fabric, then top stitching with free motion sewing (like what I did around my rose quilt, only this will be lines, not hearts and flowers)...It's drawing on top with thread.

    Thanks for compliment on new blog color. I took the idea from your new changes! ;-)

    Thanks Cris, and lets do remember that this IS MELISSA BULA'S design. I just did the grunt work!

  10. wow, i love the new banner, using this quilt, and your DH is a real 'mensch'.

  11. Wow Lynn, that's really coming together. It's getting more and more gorgeous with every step.

    As a former machine embroiderer, I would love it if you could post some close up photos of your 'renegade stitching' when you get to that part.

  12. Lynn, again great progress on the quilting, thanks so much for sharing it! And the flower, the red of the flower. I'm fascinated by this flower, what a chance to have this in your garden, it is soooo beautiful. What is it, could you tell me, please? I love her:)
    Have a fine balanced day!

  13. Andrea, This is a red camilla. My mother had a huge bush of them in yard of the house I grew up in. (same house birth to age 18 btw)...
    So when we came here I planted one too. Just like mom's. I think my mom got red ones like this and some that were white with red streaks in them as well. Maybe it was two separate bushes. Not sure now.


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