Saturday, February 16, 2008

Saturdays Fun!

I got up early this morning because it was Garage Sale Saturday. The sun was out, only needed a light sweater and we were off! Great finds of the day were some very cute cafe curtains with French Bristo print that will look great on an art quilt of some sort; lots of foam board and cut outs for the little kids next 'craft time' with grandma; bracelets for GrandD. Four books on Orgami so grandma can learn how to make fun things for and with the kids; a book on crafts for kids just in case I run out of ideas; LOL yeah sure!;-);

Grandpa found a set of wooden bookends with a train engine on one and a caboose on the other. GrandS is in love with steam engines right now; I think that is all.

We had to end early as I had a hair appointment at eleven...after which we went to lunch at the bakery. First time I had been there in a month and a half. I had to close my eyes walking past the Gelatto bins, the bakery goodies...and ordered without too much trouble a nice 1/2 fresh spinach salad and a 1/2 bowl of fresh fruit. Then we took a ride out in the countryside and I snapped a few photos to share:

A crow for Human Being in our own backyard up in our redwood trees.... One of DHs favorite buffalos he visits on his way home from work each day...
A beautiful white long horned sheep up on a hill...

You'd think we were in So. Dakota!

Heron or egret? (Kelly)

And sheep for Cris!

Cute baby lambs too...all over the field...

And then I came home to work on my purple flower art quilt and got lots done...
These are the last pieces cut out and ready to pin on the final piece...and then...I get to iron them all into place and THEN I get to start top stitch- free motion sewing on the top of them all. That is my favorite part of the process. This has been a labor intensive piece of art. I liked the tracing and cutting. The standing over and placing the pieces was hard on my back. But I like the outcome. So it's worth it.
Getting mail was fun today too!
I had three great deliveries this week.
1) A beautiful print I ordered from Andrea's etsy shop arrived, along with an "extra" print of a painting for being her first customer, and a delightful card containing pictures of her paintings on T-shirts!
2.) A package from Karen from Art in the Garage blog with the small card prints I ordered from her. I just love her drawing/painting/collage work. I wasn't expecting the number of cards I got either. That was a nice surprise.
3.) A package from London, England with a delightfully funny book by an English author sent to me from Forever Young, a total surprise!
Thank you, thank you, thank you all.
Life is very good! I am very blessed.


  1. WOW.. You got some really really great shots here today. Wow.
    I LOVE the babys lambs.. and the adult ones too. Wish I had your camera. I hope I can use them in my paintings if you took them for me? I have been trying to get up close photos of the sheep but they are to far and my camera isnt that great I am finding.
    And Your done cutting out pieces too. A very productive day.
    and how FUN on getting the mail today. nice to et something fun and not just Bills. :)

  2. I went to a garage sale yesterday as well. Got a bright green mountain bike and an outdoor hammock big enough for for two.

  3. What a fun day! I think that doing a day of garage sales is just wonderful, but I can never talk Tony into them "more junk" he yells! Ah well, at least he cooks.

    I pulled out a pattern I had bought awhile ago for a hanging quilt appliqued piece - and I can't even understand the instructions. I'm going to read them again...and then again...and see how it goes. Until then, it's baby quilts for me.

  4. i like the old buffalo, he just speaks to me....and you deserve to be blessed as you give blessings to us!
    have also given you two awards, see my blog. hugs.
    hope you enjoy the book.

  5. A wonderful saturday full of fun. Lovely photos. Those lambs.... And lovely to receive so many packages with delights within. Just wearing a sweater!! I still wear long underwear, long sleeved turtle neck, wool vest and sweater to keep me warm. Hmm. Be well, Suki

  6. Wonderful! Amazing!
    The post?
    This Saturday?
    The things you bought?
    The pictures?
    The quilt?

    All of them...And more than these: YOU, Lynn. Cuz you have a heart as big as the sky!
    You're so kind and positive. I can imagine how your dear grandchildren scream with joy to see their gifts.... the same way I screamed with joy when saw your nice pictures and that artistic one: the flying crow; my soul flew with it.

    And some one else had a cry of joy: my daughter seeing those cute lambs.

    Your new template is so stylish ... the header with the picture of your new quilt is fantastic.
    Thanks again for The crow pic.I love to use it in one of my posts with your link, of course. I will ask for the permission.

  7. Yes, Cris, you may use the sheep and lambs in your painting. I took them FOR YOU!

    Elspeth, you scored well on your garage sale finds, Bravo, Enjoy both bike and hammock! Well done.

    Mim, find someone else to go with you to GSs or go alone, it is so worth it! I find awesome treasures for so little its like a gift-day.
    And keep reading those instructions it will sink in. I continue to read M. Bula's book again and again to get it. Ask questions here or to Lady Bug too. She's a good help. She works in a quilt store.

    Forever Young, I went to bed reading that book and I tittered, and chuckled, and laughed out loud, I was rolling in laughter at times with tears rolling down my cheeks it is so funny! Thank you for your thoughtful gift. So darned appropriate.
    And I am glad the buffalo speaks to you!

    Suki, I wish I could send you some of our sunshine. Winter clothes are fun, I like bundling up too. But this is nice as well. Enjoy it all.

    Human Being, yes I took the crow picture for YOU! Do use it in your blog, I'd love that. And I am so pleased my lamb photos made your daughter happy. Copy them for her if you wish. And glad you like my new header. Fun playing with that after finding Suki's new template/layout. Thank you for your kind words. My heart sings hearing them.

    Hugs to all of you! You are such good friends one and all.

  8. Lynn, I didnt see the new header. It takes awhile for all to show up on my computer. I had to come and look for it. Wow. I need to do that too. But I need to figure out what photo to use.
    We are all getting so Artsy. I Love it. :)

  9. I'm so glad that the envelope arrived all safe and sound! Hope you enjoy them.

    Sounds like you had a wonderful day. I haven't been to any garage sales for awhile, or even to the thrift store, now that I think of it. That would be a good thing to do this week when I go to town.

  10. Awwwe! The baby lamb is soooo cute!!! And I like the bufalo too. Reminds of South Dakota for sure, when I drove through the Black Hills after leaving Mount Rushmore and before heading up to Montana. One of these things scared the heck out of me. It was right beside the road. I had never seen one in person. It didn't seem to care too much about me.

  11. Well Sylvain you were very smart to stay in your car. Those buffalo in So. Dakota do charge people and hurt them. So best not to mess with them. In So. Dakota DH and I saw herds of hundreds of them, mostly roaming free in Custer Park...awesome and yes, many walking along the road, crossing the road right in front of our car...made for great photo shoots!

  12. Lynn, these pictures are great. I love the bull and the sheep, the little one is toooooo cute. And it is very interesting to watch your progress on the wonderful flowerquilt! You are blessed, and we too cause you share it with us!
    Have a wonderful Tuesday

  13. See, I'm away for a little while and I miss ALL THIS... again! The sheep are fantastic - how sweet that you took them for Cris- and your new quilt is amazing. WOW! I really like it - the colours are FAB!

    Will come back again to catch up properly.... or can you slow down from Warp Speed to give the rest of us a chance??! ;-)

    Lovely Lynn, lovely!

  14. Looks like a Snowy Egret to me, but I'd have to see its feet to know for sure. The Snowy Egret has black legs and yellow feet. I kid you not. Some people call it "Golden Slippers." If I had buffalo in the neighbourhood, I'd visit them, too!


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