Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday Night: Purple Flowers Progression

Friday morning and afternoon...
Friday evening and night: At times while working on this I say things like "Well, I'll never do one of these again", but then I realize I am just getting tired. I need to pace myself, and I did as this afternoon I'd trace at the design table, then take the pieces outside to the patio table and chair and cut them out...reminded me of cutting out paper dolls when I was a little girl (I used to make their clothes and dress them); then I'd come inside, iron some more fabric, adhere more fuiable web, then trace some more, go back outside, cut some more (listening to and watching the crows in our redwood trees bringing messages from Human Being in Iran)...then back inside and so it went all day long today...took a few breaks on the computer and got caught up on everyones blogs...Forever Young has a brand new one...Andrea has a lottery going...Karen's kids are athletic as all get out...and her art is awesome...Cris is painting sheep...answered some emails...thought I'd stop working and then said just a few more...just a few more...and so it went...and just a few more to do tomorrow.

It will be there when you wake up can go to bed now! Night all! ;-)


  1. Sounds like a nice day really. The flowers are coming along beautifully.

  2. I'm so jealous of the spring flowers. February is the month that we all begin to lose it - cause we know March is coming and that's an even worse month. We won't see flowers like this until late April!

  3. Oh my gosh Lynn, Lookie you go. It is really taking on that flower demention or depth. But yes Lynn, It will be there tomorrow.. learn to savor each bite.. oh, thats the other But it is looking good and so is your 'STUDIO'.
    Thanks for the mention on here too.

  4. Breath-taking!
    Think it gonna be prettier than the original one.... no kidding!

    My daughter was here with me watching your quilt . She said: Her work shows self-confidence.
    I was surprised and asked how she'd got to that point.
    She said because this is a difficult thing to make, but she's chosen it and she's making it.
    She,too, liked it so much.

    In Iran, in pop culture and tales crows are tattletales!
    Poor crows! They love Lynn who regards them as messengers....
    Think they wanted to tell you how I loved you...and... well , you'll see it later!

    Hope you had a refreshing purple sleep. :)

  5. Oh, that really is coming along. Yes, pace yourself!

  6. Lynn what an amazing work! You do so much many things, and this turns out to be just so beautiful! Don't forget to rest a bit, my dear (I know it is hard to do:) . Have a wonderful weekend.


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