Friday, February 15, 2008

Look What Happened When I wasn't Looking

Spring has to be on it's way, as the proof is in my garden:
grapefruits a plenty, peach tree ready to bloom, camelia poking her head out, daffodils in full bloom and what are those big purple flowers down below? Clamentis with some shadows and brights being added...painstakingly slowly...but surely...

And I went to Joanne's with this swatch of fabric colors to match and buy threads for when I get to that part of this project. A ways off yet, but there was a fifty percent President's Day Sale I could not pass up. Got the thread holder too!
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  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I can't believe it! I guess I have to persuade MDH to move to California. Is this really in your garden? Everything is so lush and rich and just like paradise (I'm awfully thrilled here:)
    And it looks asif you were a real professional now! I love how your artquilt is developing! And! the threadholder, what a magic inventinon.
    have a nice weekend, my dear Lynn,

  2. Ah spring. It does my heart good to see the flowers, colors. thank you. The quilt is looking lovely too. And the threads all lined up and sparkly on their new holder. You are in business now.

  3. I looked at this blog way after you posted this post and it wasnt here and now it is. ??? Blogger has been messed up the last couple days for me. I see things are starting to straighten out. Everything is looking good there. wow. we can see alot of things budding out but not as far as yours are but soon.
    The birds have been cleaning out all the bird houses.. oh how I love to see that.
    cool thread holder.. very professional looking. :)

  4. I am getting tempted to try one of these quilts; I'll let you know if I do...this is is very inspiring but I do hear the tiredness breaking thru.

    Oh boy, a 50% off at Joanns? I'm heading there today!

  5. OMG! This is really spring!

    Think it's because of green thumb Lynn.
    She can grow flowers both in the garden and in her artworks!

  6. spring yipppeeeee, think i like the colours of the reels almost as much as the colours in your garden.

  7. FY: I didn't know what you meant by "reels" until I found where you placed your comment. We call them spools here in the USA. I am enjoying your book not only for the laughter it gives me, but also for the new vocabulary I am learning. ;-)


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