Friday, February 15, 2008

Ella Meets Amy

Yesterday Ella arrived safely to her new home.
I received a phone call from my young cousin Amy.
I think it is important to share that Amy is an artist in her own right, she teaches art.

When I said hello I heard a woman’s voice talking through tears. She was crying.
I did not know who it was.
It took some questions and waiting to hear that it was indeed Amy.
She told me that she “was having an emotional breakdown” as she “had just received the most wonderful gift she had ever gotten in her life!”
She was beside herself with joy over the acquisition of Ella.
Amy went on and on telling me how wonderful Ella was, how very much it meant to her, how meaningful all the photos of people she knew (family) were. Ella is Amy's great grandmother.
She assured me it would be framed and hung in her home and would be passed down generation to generation to come.
She said she wanted to come to me and have me teach her how to do what I am now doing with my art.
I could not have been given a better gift myself than her words of praise gave me.

What a joy it is to make something for someone and have it so warmly received, so appreciated and loved. I am beside myself with joy today!


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  2. What a wonderful Gift you got. You might not been able to be there to see her expression when she opened it but she sure pour out her heart to you over the phone with tears and that is even better. YOu deserved it.. it was wonderful.

  3. This is beautiful, Lynn. What a wonderful gift you gave to Amy. And she to you. Your creativity and imagination to be handed down from one generation to the next. What more could a person hope for. Congrat.s

  4. The best gift... appreciation.
    I was near to tears reading this post.
    Beautiful emotions.


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