Sunday, March 16, 2008

Playing with recycled materials today

I could not resist this smile today when my young cousin sent me this photo among many of her 2 adorable children.

I also am thinking of entering a Go Green challenge in Quilting Arts magazine. The challenge is to use recycled materials in a 5" x 5" square.
So here I have used the backing from Rose quilt for the background, the leopard from FY quilt, cut outs from cereal boxes (body), left over paper/cloth from previous projects. And the inner layer is from a discarded paper towel roll. Backing is old fabrics too. Then I laid it out and top stitched using free motion stitching.

The bottom picture is a thank you card to my friend Janet for having us to dinner this past Friday night. I used of course left over fabric from Clematis quilt. And top stitched, then painted with acrylics around the flower and for the words. It's still wet. Will cut excess fabric away when it's dry. Sewing machine got touchy and was gathering up threads again on the back so I glued a piece of black fabric to the back to cover that mess.

Not great master pieces here but I did have fun, and that is what counts, right? Right!
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    I have found that out of our mistakes or equiptment failures that some of our best creative ideas have come to fruitation.
    You figured out a backing to cover the machines temper tantrum. lol
    She will love it.

  2. Followed you here from Suki Poet whose blog I enjoy.
    I went and looked at your art quilts which are astoundingly beautiful.
    I once wrote an art review in which said how lovely the quilts on display were - and they were gorgeous -
    I said it was wonderful that something that was functional was also a work of art.
    Then someone wrote back and said that the quilt weren't made for beds - just display!!!
    What is your take on this art v. function?
    I know people wouldn't want to spill coffee on something lovely...........
    I'm amazed that your read The Three Graces - the sort of book that might appeal to people who went to art school in the late 60's
    All best wishes

  3. Thank you for the San Francisco shots. My heart longs....

    This is tres cute and good for you for doing the contest. Do you know Natalya's blog? She does weekly small quilts using recycled materials. I'll try to get the link.

    Yes, the idea on my blog with putting the link to the earlier excerpt was just to make it available if some folks liked to read the whole thing. But maybe a better way is for the novel to have its own blog. Not sure.

  4. lynn, I found your blog by way of andrea (I think) and I wanted to say how much I am enjoying it. I don't quilt, but I appreciate them (someone has to, right?) This is a fun blog to read and I will be back.

  5. these are both wonderful, specially as there is a bit of the FY in the one, but even the thankyou one is good too, and of course a personal thankyou is the best kind....

  6. Lynn, Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving so many nice comments. I will be visiting you again tomorrow.

  7. Hi Lynn, it looks as you had great fun letting yourself run free! The quilting challenge sounds great, using leftovers or other material and recycle them in a quilt:)
    Have a wonderful day

  8. Both of them are beautiful.
    A new style .... and this makes them all new and original.


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