Saturday, March 15, 2008

Beautiful Day In San Francisco

The paper said rain storms with wind and hail. This is what we got instead:

Grate Art!

Fort Point
Civil War museum

Great shapes and views

Exercise too

Heading Home


  1. These are fantastic photos Lynn,
    I love the first one and the couple kissing on the pier and the clouds right next to it the best. but the rest are a close second.
    You have a good eye for picture taking. :)

  2. Great pics. And there's that lovely field of yellow flowers again, zooming by.

  3. i agree with cris, these are lovely, i do like taking pics of doors, doorways, and windows of all shapes and sizes. what a glorious day it was.

  4. Oh, how I would have loved to be there with you, I love this sky with the dramatic clouds and the view of the ocean and the bridge, bringing back sweet souvenirs,
    have a wonderful day

  5. Oh I love SF and this brings it all back.

  6. Beautiful Pictures Lynn!! Thanks for sharing them.

  7. What a fabulous collection....
    Very soothing and lively... I loved them all... o those clouds...
    And your artistic view has created such pictures ... The angle you've chosen in all of them is very impressive... you've added something to reality...something good...

  8. fantastic images of that great bridge! I remember waiting for the same storm last week. Even put a call into my bay area pals to warn them....all for nothing!
    Looking forward to your six word memoir :)
    Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Some of these photos are amazing. You have an eye!


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